Poor ‘Nading Polish List

Most of you know that I have a freshly running list of regular polish that work with ‘nads. Since I have all y’all awesome readers out there, please feel free and let me know when you discover a polish that works with the ‘nad. I would love to make that list as gigantic as possible 😉

Speaking of poor, you can get 20% off and free (worldwide) shipping over $20 at OCNailArt.com with code sasse. First of all, I do not get compensated if you use my code, so don’t all ya’ll thing the money’s rolling into the bank account because Benjamin ran off from my bank account a long time ago.  Basically it works the same as codes CasualLavish, scrangie and PolishPixie, it’s just showin’ your favorite bloggers some love is all.

The Poor Nading Polish List will also be in the FAQ section of OCNailArt. The reason why it came about was all a misunderstanding, but Kathleen at OCNailArt took care of it… fast! So don’t be surprised if you see some of my pictures on her site when you’re shopping there. I hate to beat a dead fingernail but seriously, I don’t get any compensation for this… except an occasional hate mail or two from readers 😛

Oh and gather up your childhood dolls for tomorrow’s Konad. They’ll appreciate it 😉


3 responses to “Poor ‘Nading Polish List

  1. I knew Kathleen would take care of it fast. She is the best! People should really ask permission before passing along info they did not collect or at least give credit where it is due. 🙂

  2. I’m really sorry about that, Sasse. I received the list from someone else who failed to appropriately credit you. I really appreciate you still allowing me to link to your list of non-Konad polishes from my site! And thanks for letting me use your photos on my gallery. You are much more talented at Konad’ing than I am.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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