Tipsy Tuesday: Method to the Madness

I always hear the following question: how exactly do you Konad? I have done a lot of experimentation and found that the following process works the best for me (sorry for the cheesy hand, my hands are a little camera shy):

By the time I get back to finger #1, basically it has dried and ready for the next step. You may ask: do you have to use Poshe? Answer: no! Everyone’s body chemistry works different and different topcoats are best for different people. Mine happens to be Poshe. Applying topcoat over a finished ‘nad design is takes practice. Basically I put a big glob on my nail and spread it out, never brushing over the same spot twice.

Hope this helps! Let me know what you think.


9 responses to “Tipsy Tuesday: Method to the Madness

  1. I’ve never put a top coat on before I Konad, just after. I’ll have to try that, thanks!

    • Mary: I usually put a topcoat over my ‘nads because if I don’t, I’ll either pick it off or it’ll rub off 😛

  2. Do you use thinner in your Poshe? It’s my fave topcoat but I have a hard time imagining myself using it twice in the Konad process because it’s somewhat thick. Thank you!

    • Lauren: I thin the daylights out of it. I keep thinning it until I have about 1/4 left then I save that bottle. When I get a new bottle and am about 1/2 way done with the new bottle, I put the old 1/4 from into the new bottle. It works pretty well.

  3. will a quick dry top coat work ok too? also, will using quick dry drops ruin the design? thanks!!!

    • Poshe is a quick dry topcoat 🙂 Any other kinds will work, but Poshe worked the best for me.

      As for quick dry drops, yes you can use that. Just make sure your polish is at least try to the touch before you ‘nad. I usually press on my nail (firm, but gently), and if there are no fingerprint marks then I start to ‘nad.

  4. LOL nice handz secksy lady

  5. Thanks for the illustration and tips. That’s a big help. I haven’t used my Konad yet. I couldn’t wait to get it and now I don’t use it. I guess I should take it out and then I’ll do something with it.

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