Polish (the non-Konad kinds) that works with Konad

This is a kommunity kontribution list (okay can’t not see that coming). Feel free to send me  message if you find any non-Konad polish that works with Konad (last update: May 26, 2011)!

  • LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art
  • The creme nail art pens from head2toebeauty.com (glitter tested and does not work)
  • American Apparel Mount Royal
  • Avon Speed Dry (old version) Delicate Mauve
  • Barielle Date Night
  • Boggi Brites Nail Paint in Pink
  • Borghese Espresso Brown F
  • Chanel Vendetta
  • China Glaze Agent Lavender
  • China Glaze Aqua Baby
  • China Glaze Calypso Blue
  • China Glaze Emerald Sparkle
  • China Glaze For Audrey
  • China Glaze Grape Pop
  • China Glaze Heli-yum
  • China Glaze VII (works great
  • China Glaze Khrome Collection
  • China Glaze Lube Heels
  • China Glaze Midnight Ride
  • China Glaze OMG!
  • China Glaze Red Stallion
  • China Glaze Re-fresh Mint
  • China Glaze Romantique Collection Spring 2009 (Passion, Magical, Poetic, Delight, Emotion, Joy, Awaken, Adore, Cherish, Harmony, Admire, Devotion)
  • China Glaze Ruby Pumps
  • China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-le
  • China Glaze Shower Together (works, but not very well)
  • China Glaze Something Sweet
  • China Glaze Towel Boy Toy
  • Chanel Vendetta (I haven’t tried this but PP posted this on MUA)
  • Color Club 220 Volts
  • Color Club All In
  • Color Club Art Club Nail Art “pens” (available at 8ty8beauty.com)
  • Color Club Smoke
  • Color Club Fashion Addict
  • Color Club Ms. Socialite
  • Color Club Pretty Platinum
  • Color Club Revvvolution
  • Color Club Twiggie (“tested over a very very dark blue worked like a charm”)
  • Color Club What a Drag
  • Color Club Where’s The Soiree
  • Color Club Worth the Risque
  • Creative Nail Designs (CND) Times Square
  • Cutex Qick’N Go
  • Del Sol Calypso
  • Essence “Show your feet” Polishes (from UK)
  • Essie Aruba Blue
  • Essie Blanc
  • Essie Lady Godiva
  • Essie Mesmerize
  • Essie Sag Harbor
  • Essie Shorty Pants
  • Finger Paints Art Dealer Teal-er
  • FingerPaints Be A Pal-ette
  • Finger Paints Butterscotch Cookie (works wonderful)
  • Finger Paints Chroma Coral
  • Finger Paints Easel Come Easel Go
  • Finger Paints Guggen I’m Lime
  • FingerPaints Papier Mache
  • Finger Paints Silver Sculpture
  • Finger Paints Strike a Pose Rose
  • FingerPaints Tangerine Tint
  • GOSH (most colors in this brand should work)
  • Icing – Pastels 5-Pack (Medium Sized Bottles found in Summer 2010)
  • Jordana 009 Burgundy
  • Kismet Elated
  • Kleancolor Nail to Toe Nail art lacquer- Black
  • LaFemme Polishes
  • Le Chat nail art pens
  • L’Oreal Caught Red Handed
  • L’Oreal Jet-Set Quick Dry Nightlife
  • L’Oreal Sizzling Tangerine
  • Massini Fall Promo
  • Massini Starry Violet
  • Maybelline Colorama 106 Raspberry Sorbet
  • Maybelline Colorama 107 Turquoise Seas
  • Maybelline Express Finish Lime Aluminum
  • Maybelline Racy Red (on the sheer side)
  • Mary Kay Color Shield Plum Pearl
  • Milani Hot Orchid
  • Misa Dirty Sexy Money
  • Misa Girl’s Night Out
  • Misa Heaven White
  • Misa I Will Survive
  • Misa Violetta
  • Miss Sporty Metallic polish
  • Nails Inc Ebury Mews
  • NARS Chinatown
  • Nfu-Oh (All Holographic Polish)
  • Nina Ultra Pro Out of the Blue
  • Nina Ultra Pro Smoke-n-Mirrors
  • Nivea Turbo Colour Pure Gold Number 72
  • Nubar Conserve
  • Nubar Lemon Sorbet
  • Nubar Orange Cream
  • Nubar Pyramid Purple
  • Nubar Stronghold
  • NYC Skin Tight Denim
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • OPI Boris & Natasha
  • OPI Done Out in Deco
  • OPI Grape Fit
  • OPI’s Have You Seen My Limo?
  • OPI Koala Bear-y
  • OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
  • OPI Mod About You
  • OPI Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ
  • OPI No Spain No Gain
  • OPI Nomad’s Dream
  • OPI Off With Her Red
  • OPI Parlez Vous OPI?
  • OPI Purple With A Purpose
  • OPI Rinse Charming
  • OPI Siberian Nights
  • Orly Country Club Khaki
  • Orly Dazzle
  • Orly Glitz
  • Orly Lollipop
  • Orly Luxe
  • Orly Pointe Blanche
  • Orly Rock on Red
  • Orly Shine
  • Orly White Tip
  • Pure Ice Black Rage
  • Pure Ice Celestial
  • Pure Ice-Iced Merlot
  • Pure Ice Jaguar (very sheer)
  • Pure Ice-Love
  • Pure Ice Mint Dream
  • Pure Ice New Lilac
  • Pure Ice No Means No
  • Pure Ice Pussy Cat
  • Pure Ice Risk Taker
  • Pure Ice Silver Mercedes
  • Pure Ice Wild Thing
  • Revlon Chrome collection (they all seem to work well)
  • Revlon Tidal Wave
  • Revlon Vixen
  • Rimmel Camoflauge
  • Rimmel Midnight Blue
  • Rimmel Steel Grey
  • Rimmel Zeitgeist (it works, but not as good as the Konad white polish)
  • Sally Girl Halloween 2009 3-Pack (Poser, U Glow Girl, and an unnamed Orange)
  • Sally Hansen Black Out worked for an intricate pattern that the Konad polish was too goopy for
  • Sally Hansen Chrome collection (the older version)
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure Gilty pleasure (tested on darks to light and still preformed)
  • Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome Pure Crystal
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strengths 6154-08 Mesmerizing
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Red Hot
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri collection
  • Sally Hansen Navy Venom
  • Sally Hansen NO CHIP 10 day Naail Color Plum Pretty
  • Sally Hansen Lacquer Shines
  • Sally Hansen Quick Color Chrome Pens (dries very quickly)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Golden Nugget (Canadian Exclusive)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 6213-10 Indigo
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear The Real Teal
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Silver Straits (Canadian Exclusive)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White Out
  • Sephora by OPI Brunette on the Internet
  • Sephora by OPI Caffeine Fix
  • Sephora by OPI Meet For Drinks
  • Scherer Petites Quicksilver 174 Greased Lightning
  • Sinful Colors Black on Black
  • Sinful Colors 239 Cafe Blu
  • Sinful Colors Secret Admirer
  • SpaRitual Fickle
  • SpaRitual Impression: a true red, with Konad, and it worked better than Konad red
  • SpaRitual Primitive
  • SpaRitual Surreal
  • Stargazer Silver Chrome
  • Ultra Pro Crushed Velvet collection (6 metallic colours)
  • Wet ‘n Wild Black Creme
  • Wet ‘n Wild Black Red
  • Wet ‘n Wild Nocturnal
  • Wet ‘n Wild Wild Shine in French White Creme
  • Wet ‘n Wild Wild Shine in Sapphire Blue
  • Yves Rocher (Yria) – Imperial Red
  • Zoya Mattes Velvet Collection (Fall 2009)
  • Zoya Paz
  • Zoya Purity
  • Zoya Rea
  • Zoya Trixie (not super bright, but a nice subtle look)
  • Zoya Yasmeen
OPI Siberian Nights

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  3. I have a few that aren’t on the list: Stargazer silver chrome is fantastic, completely opaque when stamped, much better than the konad silver sp (which i thought was rubbish – hardly showed up over any colour for me), i also have a few of the Miss Sporty metallic polishes which work really well too (us UK girls need a few on the list that are more readily available to us!). Your blog is not going to be good for my bank balance… I’m now thinking i need some more image plates +polishes!

    • Awww this is to help the bank account 😉 Sorry my blog’s not working out for your wallet 😦 Mine too…

      I have added the polish that you mentioned on the list. Thanks for chipping in 🙂

  4. You can add OPI Boris & Natasha! I hate the color, but tried it last night with M70 over the pink ChG Romantique (the name escapes me), and it stamped wonderfully — very crisp images.

    Your blog is adorable, I’ve bookmarked! Have a good day.

  5. China Glaze “Red stallion” works wonders on fauxnad!

  6. China Glaze Calypso Blue and Midnight Ride are both amazing with Konad! China Glaze Agent Lavender and Orly Country Club Khaki both work surprisingly well, too.

  7. Has anyone tried the liquid leather from China Glaze? I just ordered the stampers and curious and to which black polish to get…..I have Sally Hensen Black Out also, but i dont think it looks like it would stamp very well

    • Hi Pris,

      I think Liquid Leather may not be opaque enough. I have a bottle and I’ll try it and let you know!

      • awesome!!! thanks a million! im going to look for a few, hopefully i can contribute to the list 🙂

      • Anytime! Let me know what you come up with 🙂

      • HI! I finally got my kit and stamped my nails. Wet n Wild Black cream worked great!!! Now I need a good white one. Do u think the Orly white tip is better than the wet n wild white cream?

        Also, Try Cina as a Top coat after ur done stamping available at Sally. It doesnt smudge the paint at all, then when its dry ill go over it with Tufcoat Plus Top Coat with Teflon, its just AMAZING!!!!

      • Thanks for the tips 🙂

      • Oh and I think Orly White Tip would be fine, though I haven’t tried it before :-/

      • I’ve been using China Glaze Liquid Leather, I think it works well. 🙂

    • I bought liquid leather thinking the same thing but it was not nearly thick enough to work. The result is a rather watery looking black which is not the result you may want.

      *sigh* off to return this bottle…

      • ETA: After I returned CG Liquid Leather, I got Sally Hansen Black Out and side by side, Black Out is a much better black and costs half as much!

  8. L’Oreal – Sizzling Tangerine
    OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark

  9. Hi, it’s so wonderful to see a list of konad compatible polishes! Question: which would look good just stamped over clear polished nails? Some I tried are more visible over a base color, but I like to just wear clear. Before I run out and buy more polish I won’t use, could you suggest any? What about China Glaze Agent Lavender or Aqua Baby? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Michelle!
      Well that depends on the look you’re looking for. White actually looks decent over clear, and I find that hot pink and a bright blues look good. Pastels are okay, it’s very subtle. Try looking for mid-tone colored polish. Agent Lavender might be too light. I’m not sure whether Aqua Baby would work (polish-wise), but colorwise I think that would look good.

      • Thanks! I really love white and black designs over clear. A non-konad polish that works as well as special polish, and looks great on clear nails is Sally Hansen Insta Dri Polish in “Jumpin Jade”. I agree blues would look great. Thanks for the very fast reply!

  10. My problem is the top coat. Even with konad’s top coat, and after 1 hour of drying. It will still smear. I read that a non-alcoholic top coat can be used. They say Seche and China Glaze Fast Freeze will work. What’s up with the smearing? Is it because of the viscosituy of the Konad special polish? They say any polish will work if you file lightly the stamper. Is it true?

    • Hi Pete,
      Well, the reason why you have to wait so long for it to try is because the Konad topcoat is not fast dry. You don’t have to use a Konad top coat to finish off your Konads. Try Seche Vite or Poshe topcoats to start off. If that doesn’t work, make sure your topcoats say fast dry on it. That way, you wait minutes (not hours) for your mani to try.
      As far as the smearing thing, I will have Tipsy Tuesday on it next week. Stay tuned!

  11. Hi there, just to contribute a few np..
    These 2 new Avon colours are way better than old formulas. Very opaque =)
    Avon Midnight Plum
    Avon Blue Flare

    Old Avon Speed Dry: Delicate Mauve

    Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 6213-10 Indigo
    Sally Hansen Diamond Strengths 6154-08 Mesmerizing

    You are right most of the Sally Insta-dri works. I have Jumpin’ Jade and it works like wonder. I’m going to get more colours from Insta-dri just for konading.

  12. musicismylifee

    I got my kit recently and found that Sinful colors Black on Black, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White, Sally Hansen Hi-Def Lite, and Sehpora by OPI Meet For Drinks all work great! The only thing about the Sally Hansen Lite is that it is a little on the sheer/light side. Hope this Helps!

  13. Thank you for this list!!!
    These three worked great for me recently (it was on top of a light base if that matters – I was doing fruit salad ;o)

    Rimmel Camoflauge
    Zoya Paz
    Nubar Pyramid Purple

  14. musicismylifee

    Do you try all the polish before you add it??

  15. wow what an informative post!
    i’ll link this up at my blog 😀

  16. The new Zoya matte polishes work with Konad, but you have to be really, really fast since they dry so quickly!

  17. Color Club Revvvolution is AMAZING. In the link above it’s konaded over Zoya Harley. Loved it!

  18. Hi! I just got my konad today and had so much fun using it. I used Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear in Celeb City and it worked great. 🙂

  19. Hey Sasse, Been reading your blog since you started it and I love the idea of making a list of regular polishes that work with Konad. Is there any way you could arrange this list by color? I’ve been looking for a red that doesn’t turn pink when you stamp. Any suggestions?

    • The problem with sorting the list by color is that I really don’t know what the colors are for the most part. A lot of the entries in there are submitted by readers (as you can see with the rest of the comments). Then I add them in.

      Your best bet is look at nailgal.com for a swatch. As far as red goes, I know of 2 that are red on this list (there could be more): China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Sorry if I can’t be more helpful…. this is a huge list to manage.

  20. Okay, so this didn’t get seen last time to i’m posting again, but I have more polish, too!! Sinful colors Black on Black, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White, Sally Hansen Hi-Def Lite, Sehpora by OPI Meet For Drinks, Nubar Conserve, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Blazing Blue. I hope this helps!!

    • I think I’m just going to group all Insta-Dris to have them work as Konad… they’re pretty thick; so if there are ones that doesn’t work, then I’ll just list those.

      I have edited the list and added the $OPI, Sinful, and Nubar!

  21. I’ve also got one that works – it’s from Nivea Turbo Colour, Pure Gold, Number 72- works great on a dark coloured Base Coat

  22. Wet ‘n Wild Wild Shine in Sapphire Blue. It works great.

  23. Mint Dream by Pure Ice is picked up well by the stamper, you can’t see it on light colors but it looks great on black!

  24. Love the list!! I was wondering what is the best gold nail polish to Konad with. I’ve tried Konad’s gold but it still doesn’t show up very well especially with a darker base color.

    • The key to gold is to use bronze. I think there’s a new chrome/frosty color by China Glaze that you can get a Sally which may work well! I would also try the gold one from the Romantique collection from this past spring. Check Scrangie’s blog for swatches!

  25. In my quest for a better gold than the Konad Gold Special Polish, I tried Orly “Glitz”. It’s a very yellow gold and it’s metallic. I’m happy to report that Orly Glitz makes an awesome Konad stamp – worked like a charm!!!

  26. I know this is not a “top coat” as such, but I’ve painted the Sally Hansen polish that comes with the french manicure kits on top of the Konad polish (even daring to go over the same spot twice – yikes) and it didn’t smudge the design

  27. Hi Sasse! Mellenium from China Glaze’s new Khrome collection makes an AWESOME silver stamp – my new fav for sure! 🙂

    • Sweet! I added it. So I’m going to guess that all the Khromes will work. If you buy more and they don’t work, let me know!

      • I definately will! So far, locally, I can only find Mellenium and Metallic Muse – I haven’t tried that one yet, but you should see how PERFECT the Mellenium is with Konad. I wish I had taken a picture before I took it off. Tomorrow I’m going to do Melllenium as a base this time with the M57 and the black Konad polish – the opposite of what I did the first time.

  28. perpetuallycute@mua

    Add SpaRitual Fickle to the list 🙂

  29. Just got back from Sally Beauty Supply where they had a display of “Sally Girl” mini nail polishes for Halloween. There were three bottles. A black named “Poser”, a bright Halloween orange with no name on the bottom, and a glow in the dark “U Glow Girl.” The black and the orange worked with the konad pretty well. The glow color doesn’t come through at all… you can tell its there, but it doesn’t glow and just looks clear.

    But, it’s only $2.99 for all three!

  30. Zoya Yasmeen and OPI Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ both Konad pretty well!

  31. I’m going to order China Glaze’s new Khrome collection (probably 3 or 4 colours). Will try and let you know if they all work!!!

  32. hello!!!!!!!1

    I just wanted to let you know that

    Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear white out and black out both work

    avon mirror shine nail enamel works too

  33. I just started using Konad a month ago and came across this excellent list – if you’re still adding polishes, I’ve discovered a few more that work really well:

    Nina Ultra Pro Smoke-n-Mirrors
    L’Oreal Jet-Set Quick Dry Nightlife

    Both colors stamp crisply 🙂

    I used Smoke-n-Mirrors (dark silver) over Hard Candy Envy (extremely dark green) with the konad zebra stripes & french tips, and it looks great!

    I used Nightlife over Smoke-n-Mirrors (also zebra) which looked great as well.

  34. You have Sally Hansen Xtreme wear white out but on my bottle it says White On. It works REALLY well with konad.

  35. OPI No Spain No Gain workes great and appears as a red instead of pink. Looks really good over a yellow base color

  36. HI
    color club smoke
    opi a grape fit ! done out in deco
    china glaze something sweet grape pop
    essie aruba blue mesmerize

  37. Just tested it out tonight

    -Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Red Hot worked like a charm
    – Sally Hansen xtreme wear The Real Teal works although shows up better on some bases then others

  38. Not sure how useful this is since the line is discontinued and not available in the US, but for anyone who has access to Yves Rocher products, their “Yria” line in the colour “Imperial Red” works well. 🙂

  39. Massini Polish from Meijer works too. So far I have tried fall promo and starry violet.

  40. Hello. I am just dipping my toes into stamping nail art. I bought an Essence Nail Art Stampy set from Ulta today, and I found this list through Makeup Alley. Thanks for taking the time to compile this. Now I can play with my stamper without buying additional polishes!

  41. I was testing various polishes in my stash to see if they would work with my Essence Stampy, and I found that OPI’s Have You Seen My Limo? can be used to create a nice, clear, medium purple stamp. It doesn’t look as dark as in the bottle, but it works. This color is also a duochrome. However, I couldn’t tell how much of the effect was left in the stamped design.

  42. Hi! All the Essence “Show your feet”-polishes are very pigmented en seem to stamp very well. These polishes are very cheap (about €1,99).

  43. Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure Gilty pleasure excellent gold for nadding (tested on darks to light and still preformed)

    • Sweet! The ones that work with dark polish is the best! I added it to the list and thanks for letting us know 🙂

  44. These four also work well: Rimmel-Midnight Blue, Rimmel-Steel Grey, Pure Ice-Iced Merlot, and Pure Ice-Love.

  45. Just tried Ultra Pro Crushed Velvet collection (6 metallic colours) and they work well. Nice sparkles too!

  46. Color Club Ms. Socialite worked well for me.

  47. Nubar Stronghold is sublime

  48. Hi! I’ve been using Konad nail art stamp. but i’m finding it hard to use i can’t stick the image on the stamp. tried to remove the thin film on the surface but there is none on the stamp. i still can’t stick the image on the stamp as they made it easy

    • Hi Rony,

      Have you tried to file the stamp down a little bit? It takes practice and you have to move pretty fast. Once you get it down, it should be easier. Keep going! The learning curve is steep but once you get the hang of it it’s easy.

  49. Hi! I’d loike to add that I konaded with Color Club Worth the Risque successfully, and it doesn’t look like it’s on your list? 🙂 It’s not as opaque as ChG omg but it definitely looks fine (and I’m a newbie so I may be applying it badly).

  50. Just tried L’Oreal Caught Red-Handed (red metallic with gold shimmer) and it stamps great!


    • I’m not sure. I have never had gels before. I’m thinking the principle applies the same as acrylics. You put it on like normal and make sure you use non-acetone polish remover to remove. I would ask your nail tech to make sure (don’t mention Konad, just say that you like to polish your nails on your own).

  52. I am trying to look for a nice white nail polish that would work with the Konad system does any one know of a really good white polish?

    • When it comes to white and black, the Konad ones are the best. You can try Sally Hansen’s Instra-Dry Whirlwind White. There are good reports of that one working with the ‘nad.

  53. Do you know where I can get the Konad white and black at a good price?

  54. By the way Wet n’ Wild Red works great

  55. have you tried the china glaze chrome collection?

  56. I have two and they seem to work well but just wondering if all work I know that you posted that someone said they all work but will like too see if you have work with that particular collection?

  57. Color Club Twiggie tested over a very very dark blue worked like a charm

  58. Nina Ultra Pro in Out of the Blue is awesome for konad

  59. Both of these guys worked like a charm
    Finger Paints Hue Rang? (purple)
    Finger Paints Skecthy Character (chochalte brown)

  60. I used China Glaze in Lube Heels and it worked great. It was unique because you get random specks of glitter.

  61. I have a couple to add!

    OPI Siberian Nights
    Zoya Trixie (not super bright, but a nice subtle look)
    Wet n Wild Nocturnal

  62. Maybe this one works cuz its ancient, but its Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome in Pure Crystal…the only one I got to work so far 😦

  63. i noticed that pure ice jaguar was on the list, but when i tried it, you could hardly see it! it’s super sheer in only one coat (takes me four coats for a full mani). so maybe you could add a note about that? or maybe no one else has had this problem and my bottle’s just a dude, lol.

    maybelline racy red worked for me, although i will say it turned a little pink when stamped over white.

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  65. Orly “Lollipop” (works best on darker colours, it’s a light purple/lavender)
    OPI “Rinse Charming” (Worked good over “Blue My Mind”, a darker colour)

  66. All of the Sally Hansen Chromes work, like silver chrome, blue chrome, and pink chrome. It is an older line but you can still find them.

  67. Hi All
    For top coat I’ve tried several type and find the best one that doesn’t smear is the Super Dry from the Dollar Tree store. It’s only $1 but works best. Also try the Pink from LA Colors Nail lacquer and hardener which cost only $1. I added another top coat from NYC Long WEaring Nail enamel which make my nails glossy looking.

  68. I have another Polish to add to your list. Finger Paints ” Chroma Coral ” Looks great over top A Nina Ultra Pro “Mermaid” both purchased at Sally Beauty Supply : )
    I used M57 Zebra Pattern on my nails Turned out Awesome and The Colour stamps like the shade in the bottle to a T. A must buy !!!

  69. Thanks a lot for this list!!! I LOVE IT! I Found this on youtube, and all of you can used it too besides all this polishes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F69L2meQ0lo I didn’t try it, but I think its nice too! Let me know if you used this. SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH… LOL (*_~) I love this blog.

  70. I have tried out a few more Polishes to add to your growing list : )
    I tried 3 Finger Paints shades from Sally Beauty Supply yet again.
    ~ Strike a Pose Rose = tried it out on top of a pale pink
    ~ Art Dealer Teal-er = tried it ontop of a pale blue works ok but sheer but you do notice it no question about that.
    ~ Guggen I’m Lime = Does not go on as dark as bottle shows.. more of a light sheer metallic lime but I only tried it out on top of a lighter lime colour If tried it overtop a dark dark green I bet it would pop . I will try it out sometime and let u know the outcome.

    Plus I may try adding Xatham Gum to the green and teal and see if may help out. Found a tip on youtube before that helps thicken polishes. Not sure if anyones tried it out at all ?!?!

  71. Went to Canadian Dollar Store Today found some polishes $2.00 : )
    Billie Neon Sizzle Nailpolish ~ Lime
    Billie Neon Sizzle Nailpolish ~ Fushia
    Billie Neon Sizzle Nailpolish ~ Orange
    Billie Neon Sizzle Nailpolish ~ Blue
    Billie Neon Sizzle Nailpolish ~ Pink
    I think these are only available in Canada sorry : ( At Dollar Stores across Canada.
    On the You Tube Blog to Thicken Polish with Xatham Gum someone suggested :
    Simply leave the cap off the polish for about a day. Going back and stirring it every couple of hours until it’s to your liking.
    That’s it. Old polish gets thick due to contact with air those many times we open and close them. This is the same process just sped up.

    Guess What ??? It WORKSSSSSSSSSSSSS : ) Just don’t get high on the fumes ladies LMAO

    Also Did the Same with my Sally Hansen Extreme Wear ~ Mellow Yellow.

    I did not do it all day as she suggested just a 1-2 hours and it was fine : )

  72. This list is awesome guys! I am new at this and got so much information from you pro’s as soon as I get the hang of it I will make sure I add to this wonderful list.
    Stay Girls cuz we have more fun!!

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  74. Hi:

    i’ve had success with Essie Blanc using my fishnet pattern (M67) Konad.

  75. =( I just bought my konad stamping kit and I can’t make it work and it looks so easy to use! This got me really upset and frustrated I was about to give up on stamping, but now that I found this list I will be giving it another try with new nail polishes! Hopefully it works!!!!!! =/

  76. Because I’ve been really in to Konading lately, fiendishly collecting Konad-friendly polishes and because I am a bit crazy, I started entering your list on a Google spreadsheets and indicating the basic color, finish, comments in separate columns. I started doing this for myself but then I opened it up for sharing to those who might find it useful. I’m not sure if you want to look into this but here’s the URL: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Av8oRN4r87JWdC1zZDVkcXNaSW9SMG5ZQUV6S1AxdkE&hl=en&authkey=CLqum88P

    Most of the colors and finishes listed in there are based on swatches I found online so they may be inaccurate. People should be able to go in there and update any information (if not, let me know and I’ll update the settings).

  77. I’ve found that the 5-pack medium bottle pastel cremes from Icing work well for stamping too. Just FYI

  78. I had suggested L”Oreal Caught Red Handed before but it wasn’t added to list. I works well for stamping…not sure why not added…..

    • Weird. I searched my comments and Caught Red Handed did not come up 😦 Anyway, I have added it to the list. Thanks for the add!

  79. FingerPaints ~ Be A Pal-ette
    Sally Hansen NO CHIP 10 day naail colour ~ Plum Pretty

    Both work great : )

  80. Nars ‘chinatown’ polish works great for stamping.

  81. Tried American Apparel Mount Royal and it stamped well!

  82. Hiya,
    Just thought you might like to add LaFemme polishes to the list. 🙂
    I haven’t tried the entire colour range (And doubt the glitter will work) but I have now tried all 9 cream and 11 of the 22 pearl shades and they all came out devine!
    Anyone got any info on how Maybellines work for this?

  83. hi, the polishes of the danish brand ( but sold in a lot of different countries) GOSH are allso really good with stamping.

  84. Orly ‘luxe’ from the Foil FX collection works (the other 2 from the same collection would probably work too).

  85. orly dazzle(like glitz, only silver) works better that konad silver

  86. Here are the ones I use:
    Maybelline Colorama 106 Raspberry Sorbet, 107 Turquoise Seas
    Maybelline Express Finish Lime Aluminum
    Mary Kay Color Shield Plum Pearl
    Sinful Colors 239 Cafe Blu
    Scherer Petites Quicksilver 174 Greased Lightning

    Most of these are colors I’ve had for ages, and that may affect their thickness… However the Maybellines are new, I found them at the Dollar Tree. The Express Finish was by itself, $1 for .5 floz but the colorama’s came in 3packs for $1 and are .3floz each so even though the bottles are smaller you def get more polish from the 3packs, if you can find them. Since its a discount store the merchandise isn’t reliable but it doesn’t hurt to be on the lookout.

    I bought Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On because it was on the list and I didn’t have a good white, and I found it’s really only good over light colors. I ended up mixing some of it with some of my old quicksilver in a new bottle to boost the opacity and add a little shine so it works over dark colors.

  87. Revlon Nail Enamel and all of the sally hansen extreme wears wors really well

  88. OPI Nomad’s Dream,
    Sephora by OPI Brunette on the internet
    and Caffeine Fix all work well with Konad.

  89. Borghese: Almondine and the Torta dolce minis! 🙂
    Thick enough to print but the colours are a bit.. pale/light.. not enough pigment to show up properly unless on a contrasting pastel. 😦

    BarryM blueberry icecream just about worked. But BarryM black didn’t. Will be back with more BarryM results later.

    Also Nailene french mani polishes work!

  90. WOW! thanks sooo much for the help.
    i bought a konad stamping image plate but i didn’t get the special nail polish.
    i hope this works. fingers crossed
    can ‘S-he’ nail polish work as well?

  91. Hi Sasse,
    I have a nail art blog which features alot of Konad. Do you mind if I post this list to my blog? I will include your blog address in the post. Please let me know, thanx…and btw, another to add to the list, Sinful Colors Secret Admirer.

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  93. I just got a fauxnad set, and I can add three to the list. Pure Ice Risk Taker, China Glaze Heli-yum, and Essie Lady Godiva (stamped now over For Audrey, and it looks wonderful!) all work beautifully. I’m sure that I’ll be able to add lots more as time goes on.

  94. Hi there – Thanks for the nail polish list. I just wanted to add my trick that seems to work fairly well with any color. I haven’t read through all the comments so I’m not sure anyone has suggested this yet.
    Pick any nail polish and place a good amount in a small makeup lid, then mix with a generous amount of any kind of loose eyeshadow (mineral) pigment. This method will not only thicken your nail polish, but also add to the pigment as well. Of course the color of the pigment needs to closely match the nail polish color. Also the mixed amount needs to be used immediately as it dries fairly quickly. Be warned though a lot of nail polish and pigment go to waste. As a side note, you can mix makeup pigments with a clear top coat to make nail polish as well. (Pigments include makeup from MAC pigments, mad minerals, fyrinnae, etc.)

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  96. heres some that worked for me

    color club- pretty platinum ( new fall 2010 range worked well over wild orchid)
    china glaze-
    towel boy toy

  97. another is, ORLY- Snowcone

  98. Thanks for making this list! I’m looking forward to experimenting now. 🙂 Have you considered making a list with an image of the polishes next to their names as well? It might help readers find the color they’re looking for.

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  100. Thanks for this list. Very helpful!! Another polish that works great is Orly Luxe!

  101. I used Fingerpaints “It’s an Original” in my post here: http://misskricket.blogspot.com/2010/09/lagomuffin-cameo-purple-swirlies-avon.html . It worked well. 🙂

  102. Hey…just found that sinful colors’ KISMET ELATED also works with Konad…

  103. Has anyone tried the polishes from Scratchers called AnyWear Stamping Nail Polish?? Really interested to see if they work as well as Konad!

  104. Awesome! thanks for the list I just started konad not too long ago and I need some more polish!!

  105. The list is great. I don’t have any polish to add at this time, but I did want to point out that China Glaze IIV on the list is incorrect, the way you wrote the number is backwards it should be China Glaze VII.

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  107. China Glaze Midnight Kiss Konaded over China Glaze Wagon Trail looks like one of those pictures where the dark colour has been scratched away to show a pattern in the gold underneath. A very subtle effect.

  108. Orly Shine works too! 🙂

  109. Hi sasse, I have a some that work very good for your famous list ;), nail polish “petites” they sell them at walmart or rite aid, colors pink crush, plum frost, sand dune, rose quartz, satin berry.
    Thanks for having this great list.

  110. Cutex QICK’N GO works really well.

  111. Hey ya =)
    I use Colour Club’s Where’s The Soiree (Black) for stamping =) Works super amazing!

  112. I too was searching ways to spend less for more stamping colors. I am an independent consultant for a company that distributes Konad products, but even though I get a discount, I still pay an arm and a leg for this stuff, and many of my clients ask if there are any other polishes that work. So I searched online and found a blog where this girl had added Xanthan Gum (an all natural food thickener) and added about 2 tbsps, little by little, to her regular polishes and it works! You can fond this stuff at all natural stores and sometimes in grocery stores in the baking aisle, and also off amazon. It is pretty pricey, but it will last a LONG time.
    I hope this helps someone out!

  113. Top coat seche vite sold at sally’s work great

  114. Hey,
    I just got the Konad Stamper. I am finding that a lot of Jordana polishes work great. Especially 009 Burgundy. Also, Pure Ice in Black Rage. These are both really inexpensive.

  115. Zoya Purity works very well!

  116. China Glaze ‘Re-fresh Mint’ also works!

  117. I have an additive that you can put 2-3 drops into any cheap nail polish or any polish at all and turn it into polish that will work with Konad. I got some $1 polish that didn’t work at all.. it was like water. I added a few drops of this stuff I have and it thickened it up very nicely and now it works great.

    I wonder who would be interested in something like this? I’d like to get a list of people and then I’ll post little bottles of it on ebay.


  118. OPI Off With Her Red! works very well!
    PS thanks for keeping this list up and updated! ❤

    • Thanks for the contribution. Well honestly I haven’t been the best at keeping it up lately, but I’m diving back in! LOL

  119. So basically aslong as it’s a dark color it will work? And does it look crappy on lighter colors? 0.o

    • Dark and thicker is usually the best, but at long at it’s thicker it’s not super crappy or anything.

  120. Nail Ritz (from http://www.nailritz.com) or cheaper from QVC all work PERFECTLY for Konad and Bundle Monster plates. I’ve tested each one on the most intricate designs I could find. These products are made for nail art. Each opening has a paint brush then you can pop the top off of that for a micro thin opening for free hand nail art work. You get 10 colors per package, except for the French Tip kit with 4 colors. Price is under $30 each kit. Excellent value and beautiful colors!!! They have 6 kits plus the French.

  121. I found on the weekend that OPI Pamplona Purple works well.

  122. Jordana Black works well, have it on my nails right now!

  123. NYC long wearing 134 french white tip – works a treat with my MASH plates!

  124. China Glaze’s Icicle from their holiday 2011 collection works well.

  125. I want to thank u for all the efforts put into this!! A big Thank u Sasse and all the contributors!!

  126. You can add Sinful Colors Aquamarine, Dream On and Innocent, as well as NYC Skin Tight Denim, French tip white, Big Apple Red, Pink Promenade, Times Square Tangerine and Purple Pizzazz!

  127. I love you for making this list!! Thanks so much, Now I’m on the hunt for these polishes!! I can’t wait to try these polishes with my stamping kit so I can but it on my blog!!

  128. Kleancolor Pearl Fuchsia, It Purple works with Konad. Especially on dark colors.

  129. I just bought Scandal by Pure Ice from Walmart and it is great! It shows up really good. I stamped it over 3 layers of Gray’s Anatomy (GA) by Wet & Wild. The GA has a metallic purplish/green/grey hue and when under certain light it gives out these 3 colors at different angle. The Scandal can be stamped alone over clear or regular light color and I cannot believe how well it turned out. Also, I tried the Silver Mercedes by PI and I like it very much. It stamps well over dark colors.

  130. I just tried MAC’s Immortal Gold, it’s a limited edition but worked really well, my friends starting banging their heads for not buying it when it was available. But if someone has it, might give it a try.

  131. A few more I recently tried and found to work well: OPI Russian Navy, OPI German-icure, OPI Yoga Ta-Get This Blue.

  132. here’s my list polishes that work !
    Misa :- Party in the Masquerade, girls night out,single and ready to limbo,

    OPI :- Alpine snow, year of the dragon, my throne for a cranberry scone, black satin, flashbulb fushia,

    Biosculpture varnish :- 93, 2031, 19, 2027, 2025, 96, 17, 129, 120, 113, 118 15, 2022

  133. ran out of space in my last post Also Biosculpture 60, 10 and 75 work well. And Jessica:- 285 red velvet. There was a lot of varnishes I tried that work but are quite faint which I can list if anyone is interested..

  134. kellsbells69666

    Pure Ice – First Time stamps well… though it seems that shade will be discontinued. Get it while you can!

  135. I just found that ‘Correction Tape’ from the Spoiled by Wet n Wild works really well

  136. Hiya, excellent blog 🙂

    I just wanted to say thank you for this list, I’d seen on other blogs that China glaze polishes tend to work well for stamping, but they seem to be quite hard to come by in the UK so it was really awesome to see your list which included Barry M which is readily available at chemists.

    I came across your blog last night, bought some polishes this morning, trialled them out in the afternoon and am looking forward to some stamping tonight!

    PS I bought a Barry M polish in the chameleon range (lilac) which also worked a treat so pls feel free to add to your list.

    Thanks again and looking forward to your future posts 🙂

  137. The new 2013 Essie Mirror Metallics work great — I have No Place Like Chrome and Good as Gold, both stamp absolutely opaque over dark or light colors.

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  140. OMG I love your videos😃 this list really helped me.

  141. I have heard the ColorClub Holos work not positive but I have heard it from a few people so far thinking about trying to see for myself. Wasn’t sure if you tried those 🙂

  142. Milani speed dry white and black

  143. Hi, I know it’s been a while since an update. These are ones I’ve tried and know work.
    -Sephora’s new Formula X most of them (creams, chromes, neons – except the Xplosions (tested from the 22 set) Work.
    -Essie – As Good as Gold
    -Essie – No lace like Chrome
    -Essie – Fishnet Stockings
    -Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant – Wine to Five
    -Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant – Golden Opportunity
    -Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant – Wine Stain
    -China Glaze – White on White
    – China Glaze – Something Sweet
    -China Glaze – Turned Up Turquise
    -China Glaze – Purple Panic (Neon Pink)
    – China Glaze – Sun Worshipper
    -Zoya – Ibizia

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