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American Apparel Peacock Fauxnad

Lately I’ve been on a Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure kick. I’ve been trying to layering it over any color that I think might look good. That’s good and bad at the same time. Good: it’s beautiful. Bad: it’s very hard to find a ‘nad that won’t look to busy with it. Here’s a Funky French that worked out okay (though I think it looks way more busy in real life).

American Apparel Peacock and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure with Bundle Monster M18 and Revlon Petal Chrome

Thanks for looking!


Sally Hansen Teal Takeoff Konad

Last year, I found couple new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri shades that I thought were pretty cool. I’ve been trying to find something similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal (because I’m cheap). While this might not be too close, I still really like the shade.

Sally Hansen Teal Takeoff with Konad m65 and China Glaze Awaken

Sorry about the blurry picture (and the tipwear :(). The weather outside sucks and this color is very pesky with flash photography! Thanks for looking!

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise Konad

TuT is one of my favorite colors and the thought of ‘nadding over it makes me cringe (since it’ll cover up the beautiful color). Anyway, I talked myself into ‘nadding over it 😉

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise with Konad m73 and Absolute Satin Silver

Yep, it was worth it!

Thanks for looking!

Color Club Vintage Couture Konad

I’m pleased to announce to add a new polish to the polish list! One of my favorite teals, Misa Dirty Sexy Money works great with the ‘nad! I decided to put it on top of the girly Color Club Vintage Couture.

Color Club Vintage Couture with Konad m64 and Misa Dirty Sexy Money

Tip of the day: It really helps to have a piece of paper towel under your plate when you’re scraping off the polish. That way you make less of a mess. Try to fold your paper towel in half before you scrape. That way if the 1st layer of paper towel gets ripped, you have a backup layer!

Thanks for looking!