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Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Fractured Foil Review

For those of you who are still following my blog in hopes of some nail related update, here we go. It’s not Konad, but it’s kinda cute 🙂 I picked up a bottle of the new Sally Hansen Crackle in Fractured Foil (which looks very similar to Zoya Trixie BTW and decided to give it a go. I got mine at Rite-Aid for $6.99, but I have seen them at Walgreens and Ulta as well. The instructions says “Do not apply to bare nails. Apply two coats of your favorite Sally Hansen nail color. Once dried, add a thin or thick coat (depending on desired effect) of any Crackle Overcoat shade. Do not leave the bottle open, close tightly when not in use. Allow it to dry and seal with any Sally Hansen top coat.” Obviously, you don’t need to use your favorite Sally Hansen nail color under the Crackle Overcoat nor do you need a Sally Hansen top coat to seal it off. I’m sure most of you know that, but I figured I’d throw that out there.

My sandwich is as follows:

  1. Base coat: American Classics Gelous Nail Gel
  2. Base color: One coat of Barry M Cobalt Blue
  3. Crackle color: One coat of SH Crackle Overcoat Fractured Foil (more on this below)
  4. Top coat: One coat of Seche Vite

I didn’t wait until my base color (Barry M Cobalt Blue) to dry completely before I applied the Crackle and it seemed to have cracked just fine. I basically painted my 10 nails with the Cobalt Blue then went over it with the Crackle. No problems. The application method is a bit different with the crackle. If you want a bolder look, then you need to start with a big glob of crackle, making sure that you don’t make a huge mess. It didn’t really want to crack when I quickly applied two thin coats of Crackle. I think that a one-swipe motion worked better for me.

Enough with the gabbing: here is the result:

Barry M Cobalt Blue with Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Fractured Foil

The lasting power is pretty much the same as any other Sally Hansen color that I own. It held up pretty well over the weekend where I did a lot of cleaning, sticker picking (I know I know), etc. By the way, for those of you who has owned the CoverGirl Crackles back when they had those in the mid 90s, this is a million times better!

Bottom line: it’s pretty neat! I would give it a 4 out of 5. I knocked off a point because of the globbing method you need to do to achieve a more opaque look over dark colors. It’s not that big of a deal though.


Barry M Gray Konad

For those of you who like Creative Nail Design’s Effects collection, they just recently came out with the Sugar Sparkle (silver micro glitter). It’s simply stunning!

Barry M Gray and Creative Nail Design Candy Sparkle and Konad m75 with China Glaze Millennium

Thanks for looking!

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise Konad

TuT is one of my favorite colors and the thought of ‘nadding over it makes me cringe (since it’ll cover up the beautiful color). Anyway, I talked myself into ‘nadding over it 😉

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise with Konad m73 and Absolute Satin Silver

Yep, it was worth it!

Thanks for looking!

China Glaze Second Hand Silk Konad

I’m digging this ‘nad here: DrFrankenPolish sent me a Satin Silver Absolute nail art polish along with China Glaze Second-Hand Silk. I figured I wouldn’t like SHS too much since it’s so pink. Well it’s kind of growing on me and I decided to do a brown bow ‘nad with it. I saw the Satin Silver from the bottle and had to try it since it looked so cool, so I added a girly butterfly with it. It works great!!

China Glaze Second Hand Silk with Konad m41 and Konad Princess Polish Chocolate and Absolute Satin Silver

The m41 plate is growing on me. Sometimes I really don’t want to buy a plate just for one pattern, but I guess you can find some “hidden treasures” sometimes 😉

Tip of the day (from reader Anita):  “I always apply (fast drying) top coat before I do my designs. That way, when I make a mistake, I can (swiftly) wipe the design off my nail up to two times without removing any polish (I use an almost  soaked cotton ball – if it’s too dry, it will make a mess :-). After the second mistake, I apply more top coat before trying again.”

Thanks for looking!

Color Club Revvvolution Konad

Chromes are so great to ‘nad with. My latest discovery to the polish list is Creative Nail Designs Times Square. Unfortunately, it’s discontinued (boo), but the closest that I can think of is China Glaze Devotion. After looking at one of Scrangie’s Konad with China Glaze OMG! and the m64 plate, I figured I would try something similar. Not near as cool as hers, but still distracting. It looks like marbling, how cool!

Color Club Revvvolution with Konad m63 and CND Times Square

Tip of the day: ‘nading with holos are fun! To take full advantage of the effect, chose plates that take up a lot of surface with less fine lines!