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Misa Touch of Violet Fauxnad

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend! I would do a Labor Day-themed ‘nad but then I would have no idea how to do it (haha). Apparently I’ve been in a purple/white mood lately. Here’s another one of those patterns that looked boring on the plate but stunning on the nail:

Misa Touch of Violet and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure with Bundle Monster BM12 and Sally Hansen Royal Purple Chrome

Thanks for looking!


Nails Inc Charlotte Street Fauxnad

It’s been a while since I’ve worn gray so I figured that would be a nice little change. I just love Nails Inc: they apply so well! Too bad they’re a) in the UK and b) way too expensive 😦

Nails Inc Charlotte Street with Bundle Monster BM19 and OPI Parlez-Vous OPI?

Thanks for looking!

Sally Hansen Grape Going Konad

Creative Nail Design’s effects are quite awesome! I layered this with Creative Nail Design’s Crimson Sparkle and the color really sort of reminded me of Clarins 230! Sorry I covered it up with gold, but I think it adds a nice contrast to the purple:

Sally Hansen Grape Going and CND Crimson Sparkle with Konad m72 and China Glaze 2030

Thanks for looking!

Zoya Miley Konad

Another rave for Creative Nail Design’s Effects. I added it over a soft shade and it just makes the soft shades much more fun. I would say this is definitely a fun work appropriate combo!

Zoya Miley and CND Blue Ice Shimmer with Konad m69 and Color Club Sky Blue

Thanks for looking!

NYX Paradise Konad

The flash of gold with NYX Paradise is so much fun! I’m not sure what exactly inspired this combo, but I wanted something that really stuck out, so I picked Misa Fatal Affair (yes, Fatal Affair worked with ‘nad!)

NYX Paradise with Konad m61 and Misa Fatal Affair

Thanks for looking!

Milani Whimsical Fauxnad

Here’s another one from Milani’s Halloween Collection. I’m loving this collection more and more because it’s back, but you can still see the purple in it. This one is particularly nice matted!

Milani Whimsical with Fauxnad C01 with Sally Hansen Royal Purple

Milani Whimsical with Fauxnad C01 with Sally Hansen Royal Purple and Essie Matte About You

Thanks for looking!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie Konad

Honestly, I was on a dry spell for nail polish lemmings all this summer. Then I saw Scrangie’s Rescue Beauty Lounge polish and had to have it. I’m super excited to share Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie to you and give you a quick review. The formula is amazing! While I can get away with one coat, it is completely opaque in 2 coats! No streaking at all! The color is awesome. The blue flash is very obvious (not in photos, but in real life). It’s a beautiful and unique color.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie (two coats)

Of course, I added some Konad on it… Since the blue in Scrangie is so awesome, I figured it’d help bring it out with a blue Konad:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie with Konad m64 and Konad Blue Pearl

Then I mattified it just to see how it would look. They’re equally pretty but I think I like it better shiny:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie with Konad m64 and Konad Blue Pearl and essie Matte About You

Thanks for looking!