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Hello from Phoenix

Hey guys! Just wanted to post a quick update!

Heaven forbid, my nails and toes have been naked for almost a week. I was gonna do my nails before I left for my BFF’s, but I just didn’t have the time and my Gelous base coat was getting very goopy. Today I’ll be getting a pro pedi with my BFF. Despite the fact that pro salons are so overpriced, I do like an occasional pro pedi since the foot massage part is awesome!

My BFF and I have been friends for about 14 years. We met in school and despite the fact that both of us had the crazy growing up years th0usands of miles apart, we remained friends all these years. She flew me from Portland so I can visit for a week 🙂 Last night we had a girls’ night out and we went to paint pottery (which was my first time ever). It was a blast and here’s the pre-fired pieces we made. Hers is a change jar for her new cake decorating business, and mine is a beer stein for my DH. Since we brew beer and all, I figured that would be appropriate 😉

Fired pieces will be ready next week 🙂 I will post the pictures when we pick them up 🙂