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Revlon Cotton Candy Fauxnad

This fauxnad pattern definitely looks much better on the nail than it did on the plate. I was a little sketched about the honeycomb pattern but it turned out really nice with with Cotton Candy. By the way, the Revlon Cotton Candy is scented! It’s even scented through the topcoat! So cool! I kept catching myself sniffing my nails. Hahaha!

Revlon Cotton Candy and Creative Nail Designs Blue Ice Shimmer and Bundle Monster BM21

Sorry if my cuticles look a little more beat up than normal. These are nails after 4 days of camping! Thanks for looking!


American Apparel Peacock Fauxnad

Lately I’ve been on a Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure kick. I’ve been trying to layering it over any color that I think might look good. That’s good and bad at the same time. Good: it’s beautiful. Bad: it’s very hard to find a ‘nad that won’t look to busy with it. Here’s a Funky French that worked out okay (though I think it looks way more busy in real life).

American Apparel Peacock and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure with Bundle Monster M18 and Revlon Petal Chrome

Thanks for looking!

Mavala Riga Konad

There’s something about this rose design that made me avoid it. I think it just looked a little cheesy directly from the plate. I was so wrong! This almost works as a full finger plate for me, and it is just super cute on the nail! It reminds me of stained glass!

Mavala Riga with Konad m76 and China Glaze Millennium

Thanks for looking

essie Pop Art Pink Konad

Essie Pop Art Pink would be considered a rather boring soft shade. However, adding a hot pink Konad design can change any “boring” color to something so much fun!

essie Pop Art Pink with Konad m81 and Konad Psyche Pink

Thanks for looking!

Barry M Gray Konad

Here’s another ‘nad that I decided to show you in a shiny and a mattified version. It’s really interesting how matted colors pop out in such a different way.

Barry M Gray with Konad m72 with Konad Psyche Pink

… and here is the mattified version:

Barry M Gray with Konad m72 with Konad Psyche Pink with China Glaze Matte Magic

The bottle of Matte Magic is .325oz , which is much smaller than their typical .5oz nail polish. I think I like the Matte Magic better than Essie’s Matte About You for Konad. So far, I have noticed that Matte Magic seems a little more forgiving with the smearing.

Thanks for looking!

Hard Candy Hypnotic Konad

It’s not quite spring yet, hence the blue “ice” rhinestones on this ‘nad. I don’t use rhinestones often and often forget how easy it is to add a “pop” to your ‘nads!

Hard Candy Hypnotic with Konad S09 and Konad Black Pearl

Thanks for looking!

Misa Lolli Jolly Konad

This is kind of my “let the Spring begin soon” mani for the New Year. Wishful thinking huh?

Misa Lolli Jolly with Konad S09 and China Glaze Emotion

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