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Revlon Cotton Candy Fauxnad

This fauxnad pattern definitely looks much better on the nail than it did on the plate. I was a little sketched about the honeycomb pattern but it turned out really nice with with Cotton Candy. By the way, the Revlon Cotton Candy is scented! It’s even scented through the topcoat! So cool! I kept catching myself sniffing my nails. Hahaha!

Revlon Cotton Candy and Creative Nail Designs Blue Ice Shimmer and Bundle Monster BM21

Sorry if my cuticles look a little more beat up than normal. These are nails after 4 days of camping! Thanks for looking!


American Apparel Peacock Fauxnad

Lately I’ve been on a Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure kick. I’ve been trying to layering it over any color that I think might look good. That’s good and bad at the same time. Good: it’s beautiful. Bad: it’s very hard to find a ‘nad that won’t look to busy with it. Here’s a Funky French that worked out okay (though I think it looks way more busy in real life).

American Apparel Peacock and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure with Bundle Monster M18 and Revlon Petal Chrome

Thanks for looking!

Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud Konad

Opulent Cloud is one of those colors that is really hard to match up a complementary ‘nad color with. I decided to just match it up with a plain black and it didn’t turn out bad at all! The m75 plate is interesting: the designs when they’re on the plate is so boring, but then when it’s applied to the nail, it’s a totally different story!

Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud and CND Amethyst Sparkle with Konad m75

Thanks for looking!

Nubar Green Tea Konad

Another reason why I like layering with the CND Effects is because it makes me “re-like” a certain color I have. I honestly didn’t care much for Nubar Green Tea. However, after layering Jade Sparkle over it, that totally changed my mind. Okay, I must confess that I’m not a cream fan either 😉 The layering then really helps!

Nubar Green Tea and Creative Nail Design Jade Sparkle with Konad m75 and Konad Blue Pearl

Thanks for looking!

Misa Touch of Violet Konad

I just got Creative Nail Design’s new Candy Sparkle in the mail. The first thing I wanted to do was to layer it over a light color to see whether it will show up. This is awesome! It’s like mini silver flakies. Super unique and I think I’ll be layering this over all pastel colors! It’s so cool!

Misa Touch of Violet and Creative Nail Design Sugar Sparkle with Konad m80

Thanks for looking!

Urban Outfitters Beige 1 Konad

Many people say that ‘nadding is for kids and young people. After doing this ‘nad, I’m thinking that anyone can ‘nad. I chose a super subtle combination because I wanted a really natural look after all the dark colors I used during the holiday season.

Urban Outfitters Beige 1 and CND Blue Ice Shimmer with Konad m71 and Essie Sag Harbor

As you can see, essie Sag Harbor works with ‘nad! Thanks for looking!

Merry Christmas!

Besides Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Independence day, I don’t think I would ever wear such a red nail polish! I’m just not a red creme kind of person. So I added some green glitter (which seems to make everything better) and a “gift” bow as the Christmas ‘nad. Hopefully all y’all had a fun Christmas 🙂

OPI Comet Loves Cupid and Pure Ice Heartbreaker with Konad m71 and Nails Inc Grosvenor Gardens

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