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Barry M Mint Green Fauxnad

This is rather silly, but I waited to do this Fauxnad because this pattern is definitely one of my favorites and I wanted to make sure I thought out every combination before I posted the “perfect” one. Although I’m sure there are many more “perfect” color combinations out there 😉

Barry M Mint Green with Bundle Monster M21 and Konad Chocolate Brown

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Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit Konad

Here’s another so-so design from the new plates that looks kinda bleh on the plate, but not bad on the nails. Of course, the color combo doesn’t hurt either 😉 This reminds me of Star Trek. Spock would be proud (maybe).

Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit with Konad m81 and China Glaze Millennium

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patty’s day is a day of celebration, green beer, and green nails! This is one of my favorite holidays for nail art (Easter is another fun one too!). Technically this is not a 3 or 4 leaf clover, but the design sort of reminded me of it. I don’t think Konad has a real St. Patty’s day plate (yet). This is as close as it gets for now:

Nails Inc Grosvenor Gardens and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White with Konad m81 and Gosh Metallic Green and China Glaze 2010

Hope y’ all have a safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Remember to always have a designated driver :)!

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Merry Christmas!

Besides Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Independence day, I don’t think I would ever wear such a red nail polish! I’m just not a red creme kind of person. So I added some green glitter (which seems to make everything better) and a “gift” bow as the Christmas ‘nad. Hopefully all y’all had a fun Christmas 🙂

OPI Comet Loves Cupid and Pure Ice Heartbreaker with Konad m71 and Nails Inc Grosvenor Gardens

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MAC Dry Martini Konad

Um… don’t ask me why I bought this color… the girl at the MAC store thought I was crazy to find this a nice color. She’s right: but there’s something about this color that intrigues me. I really like it. I did the so-popular-and-famous Houndstooth on it:

MAC Dry Martini with Konad m63 and Konad Gold Black Pearl

I think that combo turned out pretty cool. Thanks for looking!

Hard Candy Sweet P Konad

For those of you who didn’t see on The Edge of Sanity, I found some Hard Candy nail polish at my local Walmart! Not sure where this idea came from, but I decided to layer the green glitter over a green chrome. The result is stunning. All y’all should try layering a glitter over a chrome in the same color family: I know I will be doing it more! I added a simple black Funky French on it: no need to cause any automobile collisions due to excessive staring. Sorry this one turned out a little wonky… I hate it when I post messy ‘nads but I’m too lazy to redo 😛

Hard Candy Sweet P over Gosh Metallic Green with Konad m19

So I won’t be updating for a few days because I’ll have shotty Internet access during my little anniversary getaway. This might be a good thing since all y’all need to focus on your Konad Kontest entries 😉 Don’t forget: all entries must be sent to SSSKontestsGivesaways@gmail.com by October 8th! Good luck!

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Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit Konad

Here is another awesome Rescue Beauty Lounge Blogger’s polish. The truth is, green is really hard to me to wear because I feel rather uncomfortable in green nails. However, Stephanie’s (from Polish Addict) Orbis Non Sufficit is totally different. If Neutral Green is a proper description, I would have to say that that would be how I’d describe this color. Of course, I added my favorite holographic polish to it!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit with Konad m74 and China Glaze OMG

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