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Nails Inc Charlotte Street Fauxnad

It’s been a while since I’ve worn gray so I figured that would be a nice little change. I just love Nails Inc: they apply so well! Too bad they’re a) in the UK and b) way too expensive 😦

Nails Inc Charlotte Street with Bundle Monster BM19 and OPI Parlez-Vous OPI?

Thanks for looking!


Barry M Gray Konad

For those of you who like Creative Nail Design’s Effects collection, they just recently came out with the Sugar Sparkle (silver micro glitter). It’s simply stunning!

Barry M Gray and Creative Nail Design Candy Sparkle and Konad m75 with China Glaze Millennium

Thanks for looking!

Zoya Harley Konad

For some reason I always forget about my grays… They’re so lovely, but they’re in the “unseen” section where I store my polish. Anyway, here’s a classic argyle Konad that everyone seems to love:

Zoya Harley with Konad m60 and Konad Black Pearl

Thanks for looking!

Nails Inc Brick Lane Konad

Yellow and gray is one of my favorite ‘nad combos! I think I like wearing yellow. However, I feel a little uncomfortable when I wear it because it’s so bright. That’s why I like I add a gray full-pattern Konad on yellow.

Nails Inc Brick Lane with Konad m70 and China Glaze Awaken

Tip of the day: If you cannot get your ‘nad image to pick up on your stamper, try to gently file your stamper and make sure you don’t touch the stamper with your fingers. The oils from your skin can make your stamper less “sticky” than you need to pick up the ‘nad image.

Thanks for looking!

Mozart Meets Madonna Konad

One of the main reasons why I got this plate is for the music design. For those of you who know my MUA name, you know that I play the piano and love music. I thought about just doing all black and white, but I figured I would add some 80s to it to.

Misa Sugar Daddy DrFrankenPolish King Crow with Konad m73 and Special Polish Black and Psyche Pink

Tip of the day: It seems that Konad polish with the best with designs that involve fine lines in a close proxmity. If you ever do a ‘nad with something like staff and eight notes and are having a hard time with chromes, try something thicker like Konad polish!

Thanks for looking!

Reader Request: Zoya Harley Konad

Vanessa of Casual Lavish requested that I used the m69 plate for my next Konad. Since she provided the nice Zoya giveaway a month ago, I figured I would use one of the Zoya colors from that 🙂 The small dots on it did not pick up very well. So I improvised and made random flowers on the index, middle, ring and pinky. The thumb turned out decent:

Zoya Harley with Konad m69

Tip of the day: If extreme fine details is not picking up from the plate, try cleaning your ‘nad plate with felt and nail polish remover before attempting again.

Color Club Revvvolution Konad

Chromes are so great to ‘nad with. My latest discovery to the polish list is Creative Nail Designs Times Square. Unfortunately, it’s discontinued (boo), but the closest that I can think of is China Glaze Devotion. After looking at one of Scrangie’s Konad with China Glaze OMG! and the m64 plate, I figured I would try something similar. Not near as cool as hers, but still distracting. It looks like marbling, how cool!

Color Club Revvvolution with Konad m63 and CND Times Square

Tip of the day: ‘nading with holos are fun! To take full advantage of the effect, chose plates that take up a lot of surface with less fine lines!