Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis Layering Fauxnad

Quick housekeeping update: I slightly changed the look of the blog but I tried to keep everything close to what it was before. I tried to take a stab at my banner and I think it’s okay, but it might change again. Let me know what you think!

Another thing I love to do with my polish is layering. There are just endless possibilities! In fact, if I ever divert on this blog (which I’m still contemplating on doing), it would be layering because the colors you can accomplish is amazing. With that said, I’m going to post a very cool layering combo with a holographic polish (Color Club Revvvolution) and Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis (from the Prisms collection). It shifts from blue to purple indoors/indirect sunlight and sports major bling/holo in direct sunlight. How cool!

Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis with Color Club Revvvolution

If you can track it down and if you love to layer your polish, try to find any of the Prisms collection from Sally Hansen. I found mine on eBay at a decent enough price a year ago. I’m not sure if they still have an inventory around in the land of the evil.

To top things off, I added a holo ‘nad with it! Talk about bling overload:

Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis with Color Club Revvvolution with Bundle Monster BM20

Thanks for looking!


Thicken Your Polish with Xathan Gum

Sooo one of my awesome readers filled me in on this YouTube video on how to thicken/raise the viscosity of your nail polish for ‘nadding! I haven’t had the time to try this but it does work! Check it out:

Feel free to share your thoughts if you have tried this!

Edit: make sure you guys read the comments posted on this. Some of you might find it helpful! There are a lot of good tips!

Savvy Fairy Twinkle Fauxnad

First and foremost: coupon alert! Use coupon code freedisk at to get a free image plate of your choice on orders $25 or more! Coupon expires Tuesday, August 10th! Remember there’s always free shipping (US and Canada) on orders over $20 as well.

Savvy Fairy Twinkle is such a pretty color (pink with a flash gold shimmer). For some reason, I had the hardest time with trying to find a good color ‘nad to go with it. I wanted to do a bronze or a gold, but that did not show up well at all. So I tried hot pink, and that was a flop too. Finally I gave up on the blending and went with the contrast.

Savvy Fairy Twinkle with BundleMonster BM16 and Revlon Petal Chrome

I started to use a new base coat (well sort of base coat) called Gelous which you can get at Sally Beauty Supply. It works really good and my manis have been lasting for at least a few days. Anyway, the reason why I mention Gelous is that I use one coat over my polish then use Seche Vite Top Coat to seal it off. The next day I would ‘nad over it and put a coat of Nailtek II Intensive Therapy over it. I’ve noticed a subtle floating effect that the ‘nad has since I’ve been doing that. I think that is because of Gelous’ finish. That or I’m just losing my mind. Anyway, I wouldn’t run out to get Gelous just to get the floaty look, but if you need an awesome base coat, this is a great one. I’ve tried Nailtek II Foundation and Sally Hansen Nail Quencher and this is by far the best.

Thanks for looking!

Welcome Summer

It’s better late than never right? I finally hopped on the Bundle Monster bandwagon. For those of you who don’t know what that’s all about, you can get 21 plates with a variety of regular, French tips, and full finger patterned plates for $17.99 shipped free! The full finger patterns are slightly smaller but my nails are small to begin with.

It’s finally warmer here. We had the longest spring. To celebrate the arrival of the sun, here is a Bundle Monster sun fauxnad:

Savvy Magic Pumpkin with Bundle Monster M01 with Konad Yellow

I saw a new collection of Savvys at Sally Beauty Supply. This is one of the three I got. They’re pretty sheer but looks like there is potential for some nice layering! 🙂

Thanks for looking!

Regular Polish That Works with Konad and Fauxnad

Most of you who are regulars on my blog know that there’s a very helpful resource available here which is the list of polishes that work with Konad that are not the special Konad polish. I just wanted to remind you guys that this will be updated as I get additions. I usually try to update the list at least one a week. As of now, there are 144 polishes on that list and it’s growing.

I would have to say that the ones with the chrome finish are my favorite!

This one was from last year and it’s still one of my favorites!

For those of you who have made a contribution to the list, thank you! Keep ’em coming!

Sally Hansen Silver Lining Fauxnad

Since 4th of July is around the corner, I figured I would show you a less traditional version of the typical patriotic ‘nad (such as the one from last year). Wow… SSS is one year old already! Anyway, this is the old Hot Topic fauxnad plate that I got a year or so ago.

Sally Hansen Silver Lining with Misa Candy Girl and Fauxnad with Konad Black

Layering madness  here. The picture does not do justice! Thanks for looking!

Sally Hansen Spectrum featuring Smart Nails

I’m back! So I figured I would come back with a non-‘nad post! I decided to pick up some Smart Nails stencils because there was particularly one of the patterns that really stood out for me. These waves are so cool!

How it works: Basically it’s like a patterned version of your favorite french tip nail guides. Stick it on your fully dried polished nail, paint, then peel it off. The consistency of the stickers are a lot like a thin, flexible version of clear contact paper.

Unfortunately, I had to use one sticker per nail (using the whole package for one mani) because the intricate curlies would get warped after I peeled it off. They were super easy to use (easier than ‘nadding!), and when you peeled of the sticker, there was little to no residue: leaving a super clean look! For the long run (at least for intricate designs like the wave), this is a lot more expensive if you’re doing nail art daily. At $2.99 per package,  it can cost  up to that much per mani. However, this is a lot easier than ‘nadding for those of you who want to spruce up your nails every now and then, this is the perfect option!

Sally Hansen Spectrum over OPI Parvlez Vous OPI? and Smart Nails N019 with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White

Thanks for looking!