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Revlon Cotton Candy Fauxnad

This fauxnad pattern definitely looks much better on the nail than it did on the plate. I was a little sketched about the honeycomb pattern but it turned out really nice with with Cotton Candy. By the way, the Revlon Cotton Candy is scented! It’s even scented through the topcoat! So cool! I kept catching myself sniffing my nails. Hahaha!

Revlon Cotton Candy and Creative Nail Designs Blue Ice Shimmer and Bundle Monster BM21

Sorry if my cuticles look a little more beat up than normal. These are nails after 4 days of camping! Thanks for looking!


American Apparel Peacock Fauxnad

Lately I’ve been on a Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure kick. I’ve been trying to layering it over any color that I think might look good. That’s good and bad at the same time. Good: it’s beautiful. Bad: it’s very hard to find a ‘nad that won’t look to busy with it. Here’s a Funky French that worked out okay (though I think it looks way more busy in real life).

American Apparel Peacock and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure with Bundle Monster M18 and Revlon Petal Chrome

Thanks for looking!

Savvy Fairy Twinkle Fauxnad

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Savvy Fairy Twinkle is such a pretty color (pink with a flash gold shimmer). For some reason, I had the hardest time with trying to find a good color ‘nad to go with it. I wanted to do a bronze or a gold, but that did not show up well at all. So I tried hot pink, and that was a flop too. Finally I gave up on the blending and went with the contrast.

Savvy Fairy Twinkle with BundleMonster BM16 and Revlon Petal Chrome

I started to use a new base coat (well sort of base coat) called Gelous which you can get at Sally Beauty Supply. It works really good and my manis have been lasting for at least a few days. Anyway, the reason why I mention Gelous is that I use one coat over my polish then use Seche Vite Top Coat to seal it off. The next day I would ‘nad over it and put a coat of Nailtek II Intensive Therapy over it. I’ve noticed a subtle floating effect that the ‘nad has since I’ve been doing that. I think that is because of Gelous’ finish. That or I’m just losing my mind. Anyway, I wouldn’t run out to get Gelous just to get the floaty look, but if you need an awesome base coat, this is a great one. I’ve tried Nailtek II Foundation and Sally Hansen Nail Quencher and this is by far the best.

Thanks for looking!

FingerPaints Bada Bing Bada Blue Konad

If the next few updates are going to contain CND Sugar Sparkle, it’s because I just think it’s so cool! I added Sugar Sparkle with a mid-tone denim blue and it’s just amazing! The m75 plate is growing on me. It seems pretty versatile after you get over the typical Konad flower motif 😛

FingerPaints Bada Bing Bada Blue with CND Sugar Sparkle and Konad m75 and Revlon Petal Chrome

Oh and I didn’t notice how horrible my cuticles look until after the photo was taken and uploaded a few days later (after it has been chipped and gross). Sorry!!!

Thanks for looking!

Claire’s Hawaii Konad

Claire’s is an interesting place. Honestly, if they did not have nail polish, I probably would not visit the store. I have seen the layered polish and decided to give it a try. It doesn’t exactly give you the marbled effect, but I guess the color is pretty cool.

Claire’s Hawaii with Konad m76 and Revlon Chrome Petal

That color reminds me of chalk, so I mattified it 🙂

Claire’s Hawaii and China Glaze Matte Magic with Konad m76 and Revlon Chrome Petal

Thanks for looking!

DrFrankenPolish Stonewash Blue Konad

DrFrankenPolish does it again! I’m lucky enough to have received one of her “non-published” editions of her Stonewash blue nail polish. Totally unique and awesome!

DrFrankenPolish Stonewash Blue with Konad m63 and Revlon Budding Chrome

Thanks for looking!

Make your Konad French Tip Plates to a Full Pattern!

One of my readers asked about making requests to Konad for a full-plate of a design of one of the existing French tip plates. I decided to take a stab at making the French tip design to a full design by applying the ‘nad in layers. Here’s how it turned out:

China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le with Konad m56 and Revlon Petal Chrome

It definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s definitely do-able.

Thanks for looking!