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Nails Inc Charlotte Street Fauxnad

It’s been a while since I’ve worn gray so I figured that would be a nice little change. I just love Nails Inc: they apply so well! Too bad they’re a) in the UK and b) way too expensive 😦

Nails Inc Charlotte Street with Bundle Monster BM19 and OPI Parlez-Vous OPI?

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Sally Hansen Spectrum featuring Smart Nails

I’m back! So I figured I would come back with a non-‘nad post! I decided to pick up some Smart Nails stencils because there was particularly one of the patterns that really stood out for me. These waves are so cool!

How it works: Basically it’s like a patterned version of your favorite french tip nail guides. Stick it on your fully dried polished nail, paint, then peel it off. The consistency of the stickers are a lot like a thin, flexible version of clear contact paper.

Unfortunately, I had to use one sticker per nail (using the whole package for one mani) because the intricate curlies would get warped after I peeled it off. They were super easy to use (easier than ‘nadding!), and when you peeled of the sticker, there was little to no residue: leaving a super clean look! For the long run (at least for intricate designs like the wave), this is a lot more expensive if you’re doing nail art daily. At $2.99 per package,  it can cost  up to that much per mani. However, this is a lot easier than ‘nadding for those of you who want to spruce up your nails every now and then, this is the perfect option!

Sally Hansen Spectrum over OPI Parvlez Vous OPI? and Smart Nails N019 with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White

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Merry Christmas!

Besides Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Independence day, I don’t think I would ever wear such a red nail polish! I’m just not a red creme kind of person. So I added some green glitter (which seems to make everything better) and a “gift” bow as the Christmas ‘nad. Hopefully all y’all had a fun Christmas 🙂

OPI Comet Loves Cupid and Pure Ice Heartbreaker with Konad m71 and Nails Inc Grosvenor Gardens

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OPI Shim-merry Chic Konad

Since Christmas (and lots and lots of food) is a couple of days away, I wanted to do more of a food colored themed Konad today.  The brown kind of reminds me of gravy and the red reminds me cranberry. Yes, I already have food on my mind 😉

OPI Shim-merry Chic with Konad m21 and Konad Red

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OPI All-bordeaux the Sled! Konad

Christmas is only 4 days away! So I decided to do a poinsettia themed ‘nad! I just love the Khrome collection for ‘nadding. A little bit on the plate goes a long way!

OPI All-bordeaux the Sled! with Konad m74 and China Glaze 2030

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OPI I Pink I Love You Konad

This is one of my favorite colors! Isn’t the girly Konad awesome? It’s just so (for a lack of a better term) sexy! It’s fun to add a bold color to soft shades because it’s elegant, yet edgy.

OPI I Pink I Love You with Konad m71

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OPI Holiday Glow Konad

OPI Holiday Glow is a beautiful color. It’s one of those colors that I can’t stop staring at because of the red (yes red) glitter that’s in it. I added something fall-ish for the Konad with a bronze color. I figured this is a good one to post since Thanksgiving is about a week away 🙂

OPI Holiday Glow with Konad m65 and Color Club Art Club Bronze

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