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Misa Touch of Violet Fauxnad

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend! I would do a Labor Day-themed ‘nad but then I would have no idea how to do it (haha). Apparently I’ve been in a purple/white mood lately. Here’s another one of those patterns that looked boring on the plate but stunning on the nail:

Misa Touch of Violet and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure with Bundle Monster BM12 and Sally Hansen Royal Purple Chrome

Thanks for looking!


Sally Hansen Silver Lining Fauxnad

Since 4th of July is around the corner, I figured I would show you a less traditional version of the typical patriotic ‘nad (such as the one from last year). Wow… SSS is one year old already! Anyway, this is the old Hot Topic fauxnad plate that I got a year or so ago.

Sally Hansen Silver Lining with Misa Candy Girl and Fauxnad with Konad Black

Layering madness  here. The picture does not do justice! Thanks for looking!

Misa Touch of Violet Konad

I just got Creative Nail Design’s new Candy Sparkle in the mail. The first thing I wanted to do was to layer it over a light color to see whether it will show up. This is awesome! It’s like mini silver flakies. Super unique and I think I’ll be layering this over all pastel colors! It’s so cool!

Misa Touch of Violet and Creative Nail Design Sugar Sparkle with Konad m80

Thanks for looking!

Misa Radiant Konad

By simply looking this design on the m72 plate, I honestly wasn’t very impressed and I keep turning it down for my ‘nads. I finally decided to use it because I figured I would eventually show you guys all the designs on the plates whether I like them or not. This one was actually a very pleasant surprise! It’s way cuter on the nail than on the plate.

Misa Radiant with Konad m72 and Konad Blue Pearl

Thanks for looking!

Misa Lolli Jolly Konad

This is kind of my “let the Spring begin soon” mani for the New Year. Wishful thinking huh?

Misa Lolli Jolly with Konad S09 and China Glaze Emotion

Oh, and don’t forget to enter in this week’s pendant giveaway! Thanks for looking!

NYX Paradise Konad

The flash of gold with NYX Paradise is so much fun! I’m not sure what exactly inspired this combo, but I wanted something that really stuck out, so I picked Misa Fatal Affair (yes, Fatal Affair worked with ‘nad!)

NYX Paradise with Konad m61 and Misa Fatal Affair

Thanks for looking!

Misa Foxy and Folksy Konad

Foxy and Folksy is such an underrated duochrome. If you look at the middle finger, it’s looks like “clear”, but it’s not: it’s a duochrome of bronze and purple. The blue ‘nad really gives it a little pep!

Misa Foxy and Folksy with Konad S09 and Konad Blue Pearl

Thanks for looking!