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Nubar Innocent Whispers Fauxnad

A while back I was raving about the Gelous base coat. Yes, it has worked wonders for me about consistent use. Before my nails break, I’ll have to do a few Funky French fauxnads! LOL

Nubar Innocent Whispers with Bundle Monster M18

I love these lacey designs with white and soft shades. It’s fun but keeps the traditional French Mani theme!

Thanks for looking!


Revlon Cotton Candy Fauxnad

This fauxnad pattern definitely looks much better on the nail than it did on the plate. I was a little sketched about the honeycomb pattern but it turned out really nice with with Cotton Candy. By the way, the Revlon Cotton Candy is scented! It’s even scented through the topcoat! So cool! I kept catching myself sniffing my nails. Hahaha!

Revlon Cotton Candy and Creative Nail Designs Blue Ice Shimmer and Bundle Monster BM21

Sorry if my cuticles look a little more beat up than normal. These are nails after 4 days of camping! Thanks for looking!

Welcome Summer

It’s better late than never right? I finally hopped on the Bundle Monster bandwagon. For those of you who don’t know what that’s all about, you can get 21 plates with a variety of regular, French tips, and full finger patterned plates for $17.99 shipped free! The full finger patterns are slightly smaller but my nails are small to begin with.

It’s finally warmer here. We had the longest spring. To celebrate the arrival of the sun, here is a Bundle Monster sun fauxnad:

Savvy Magic Pumpkin with Bundle Monster M01 with Konad Yellow

I saw a new collection of Savvys at Sally Beauty Supply. This is one of the three I got. They’re pretty sheer but looks like there is potential for some nice layering! 🙂

Thanks for looking!

Sally Hansen Silver Lining Fauxnad

Since 4th of July is around the corner, I figured I would show you a less traditional version of the typical patriotic ‘nad (such as the one from last year). Wow… SSS is one year old already! Anyway, this is the old Hot Topic fauxnad plate that I got a year or so ago.

Sally Hansen Silver Lining with Misa Candy Girl and Fauxnad with Konad Black

Layering madness  here. The picture does not do justice! Thanks for looking!

Nubar Green Tea Konad

Another reason why I like layering with the CND Effects is because it makes me “re-like” a certain color I have. I honestly didn’t care much for Nubar Green Tea. However, after layering Jade Sparkle over it, that totally changed my mind. Okay, I must confess that I’m not a cream fan either 😉 The layering then really helps!

Nubar Green Tea and Creative Nail Design Jade Sparkle with Konad m75 and Konad Blue Pearl

Thanks for looking!

Misa Touch of Violet Konad

I just got Creative Nail Design’s new Candy Sparkle in the mail. The first thing I wanted to do was to layer it over a light color to see whether it will show up. This is awesome! It’s like mini silver flakies. Super unique and I think I’ll be layering this over all pastel colors! It’s so cool!

Misa Touch of Violet and Creative Nail Design Sugar Sparkle with Konad m80

Thanks for looking!

Nubar Baby Blue Konad

Spring is officially here! It’s a bout time! So I figured I’d do something a little fun and cheerful! Plus this pattern is too cool!

Nubar Baby Blue and Maybelline Colorama Pink Pinata with Konad m79

I’m not sure what kind of look I was looking for with the flakies, but I guess they’re kind of cute 🙂

Thanks for looking!