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Happy March

Hey All Y’All,

Hope everyone’s been well 🙂 My blog posts have been way past due, I know. However, my nails have had no love for the past few months. I decided to finally kick off March with some green (no Konad though)! Here’s a quick cell phone shot. My cuticles are horrible 😦

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

Thanks for looking!


Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis Layering Fauxnad

Quick housekeeping update: I slightly changed the look of the blog but I tried to keep everything close to what it was before. I tried to take a stab at my banner and I think it’s okay, but it might change again. Let me know what you think!

Another thing I love to do with my polish is layering. There are just endless possibilities! In fact, if I ever divert on this blog (which I’m still contemplating on doing), it would be layering because the colors you can accomplish is amazing. With that said, I’m going to post a very cool layering combo with a holographic polish (Color Club Revvvolution) and Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis (from the Prisms collection). It shifts from blue to purple indoors/indirect sunlight and sports major bling/holo in direct sunlight. How cool!

Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis with Color Club Revvvolution

If you can track it down and if you love to layer your polish, try to find any of the Prisms collection from Sally Hansen. I found mine on eBay at a decent enough price a year ago. I’m not sure if they still have an inventory around in the land of the evil.

To top things off, I added a holo ‘nad with it! Talk about bling overload:

Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis with Color Club Revvvolution with Bundle Monster BM20

Thanks for looking!

Mavala Riga Konad

There’s something about this rose design that made me avoid it. I think it just looked a little cheesy directly from the plate. I was so wrong! This almost works as a full finger plate for me, and it is just super cute on the nail! It reminds me of stained glass!

Mavala Riga with Konad m76 and China Glaze Millennium

Thanks for looking

Barry M Gray Konad

For those of you who like Creative Nail Design’s Effects collection, they just recently came out with the Sugar Sparkle (silver micro glitter). It’s simply stunning!

Barry M Gray and Creative Nail Design Candy Sparkle and Konad m75 with China Glaze Millennium

Thanks for looking!

Sally Hansen Grape Going Konad

Creative Nail Design’s effects are quite awesome! I layered this with Creative Nail Design’s Crimson Sparkle and the color really sort of reminded me of Clarins 230! Sorry I covered it up with gold, but I think it adds a nice contrast to the purple:

Sally Hansen Grape Going and CND Crimson Sparkle with Konad m72 and China Glaze 2030

Thanks for looking!

Sally Hansen Teal Takeoff Konad

Last year, I found couple new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri shades that I thought were pretty cool. I’ve been trying to find something similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal (because I’m cheap). While this might not be too close, I still really like the shade.

Sally Hansen Teal Takeoff with Konad m65 and China Glaze Awaken

Sorry about the blurry picture (and the tipwear :(). The weather outside sucks and this color is very pesky with flash photography! Thanks for looking!

Happy Easter!

Pastel colors are awesome! I seriously couldn’t decide on one color for Easter so I decided to go for the skittle look 🙂 One of the new plates (s1o) has a bird which would work for this fun day 🙂 I’m not sure what the “Pi” above the bird is all about so I got rid of it for this ‘Nad. Sorry about the wonky middle nail. I didn’t realize it until I looked at the picture 😦

Thumb to Pinky: Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick, Barry M Mint Green, Nubar Lavendar, Nubar Baby Blue, Color Club Vintage Couture with Konad s10 and China Glaze Millennium

Thanks for looking!