Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Hey Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving  Eve! What are your Thanksgiving plans for this year? Well for me it’ll be spending Thanksgiving with the in-laws tomorrow, then on Friday my parents are coming over for my first “hosted” Thanksgiving with my parents. No turkey, but I will be roasting a prime rib! For tomorrow, I’m actually making pumpkin bars with a chocolate fondant topped with little Autumn leaf on it. I did a dry run at my BFF’s. She showed me how to lay fondant and here was my first attempt on a little piece:

It looks a bit choppy since the pumpkin bar we used was like a week old o.O

Not hitting any sales on Black Friday. I think I’m going to take advantage of sleeping in and maybe going to the grocery store to make Tarte Tatin for Friday’s prime rib dinner!


2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving Eve

  1. Hey weird question,

    I just started a blog on wordpress as well and I downloaded the app for blackberry and I have subscribed to your blog online but why can’t I subscribe and follow you through the app? Plz help


    • Hi Suzie,

      That’s weird… I wonder if there are settings that I need to set… Did you try just SasseStampingStampede (user only)? Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long but let me know if you got it worked out! Thanks for subscribing!

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