Barry M Mint Green Fauxnad

This is rather silly, but I waited to do this Fauxnad because this pattern is definitely one of my favorites and I wanted to make sure I thought out every combination before I posted the “perfect” one. Although I’m sure there are many more “perfect” color combinations out there 😉

Barry M Mint Green with Bundle Monster M21 and Konad Chocolate Brown

Thanks for looking!


7 responses to “Barry M Mint Green Fauxnad

  1. Great color combination, I really liked this fauxnad 🙂 sometimes I like fauxnads more than Konad, they have amazing figures 🙂

  2. My fauxnad plates weren’t nearly as detailed. I wish. This came out really nice

  3. Love that! The BM21 plate is one of my fav’s and that’s a great color combo.

  4. Me encanta tu blog!!

    Me has inspirado muuchas manicuras y por esta me he comprado la placa Fauxnaud!! pronto verás un diseño inspirado en el tuyo en mi blog, es nuevo, ya me dices que te parece…

    Un saludo y no dejes de escribir!!

  5. This one is gorgeous Elma.

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