Thicken Your Polish with Xathan Gum

Sooo one of my awesome readers filled me in on this YouTube video on how to thicken/raise the viscosity of your nail polish for ‘nadding! I haven’t had the time to try this but it does work! Check it out:

Feel free to share your thoughts if you have tried this!

Edit: make sure you guys read the comments posted on this. Some of you might find it helpful! There are a lot of good tips!


5 responses to “Thicken Your Polish with Xathan Gum

  1. Cool! Thank you for posting this!
    I’ve been adding pigments to loose/thin polishes.

  2. I tried this on an old red polish. It didn’t need to be thickened, but I didn’t have a red polish for konading so I tried it. The polish did thicken, but still didn’t work so well when I tried to konad with it. I haven’t tried any other color. I emailed CreateYourBeauty twice and asked what brand of xantham gum she used to see if maybe that made a difference. She never replied and this was back in 2009.

  3. I saw this video a few months ago,while googling for Konading with regular polishes. I was inspired by the video,even though she doesn’t really show a good shot of her konaded nail. So I went out and bought some Xantham Gum and tried it with a few cheap polishes,because I don’t want to ruin my high ends. Anyway, it did not work. I tried around four different polishes. The polishes did temporarily thicken,but then when I applied to my Konad plates, the polish wasn’t thick enough,and didn’t transfer. I used some Wet n Wild Frosts to thicken, and also a couple of NYC cremes. It just didn’t work.

  4. instead of adding the xantham gum, you can just leave the nail polish bottle open over night. that’ll make sheer polishes a bit more pigmented and not as runny as they used to be

  5. Maybe I will try that AmuzedPolish! Thanks!

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