Sally Hansen Spectrum featuring Smart Nails

I’m back! So I figured I would come back with a non-‘nad post! I decided to pick up some Smart Nails stencils because there was particularly one of the patterns that really stood out for me. These waves are so cool!

How it works: Basically it’s like a patterned version of your favorite french tip nail guides. Stick it on your fully dried polished nail, paint, then peel it off. The consistency of the stickers are a lot like a thin, flexible version of clear contact paper.

Unfortunately, I had to use one sticker per nail (using the whole package for one mani) because the intricate curlies would get warped after I peeled it off. They were super easy to use (easier than ‘nadding!), and when you peeled of the sticker, there was little to no residue: leaving a super clean look! For the long run (at least for intricate designs like the wave), this is a lot more expensive if you’re doing nail art daily. At $2.99 per package,  it can cost  up to that much per mani. However, this is a lot easier than ‘nadding for those of you who want to spruce up your nails every now and then, this is the perfect option!

Sally Hansen Spectrum over OPI Parvlez Vous OPI? and Smart Nails N019 with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White

Thanks for looking!


8 responses to “Sally Hansen Spectrum featuring Smart Nails

  1. This looks so nice! 😀 Really neat and the colours are nice together.

  2. This is so cute! I love this mani for summer!

  3. Beyond adorable–I love the sparkly blue against the matte white, and the whole thing looks great on your short nails.

  4. wow!! this is awesome!!

  5. I’ve been able to use the less intricate patterns of my smARTnails up to three times. But I can totally see how this one would just be a mess after one use. I love mine!
    Great job on this manicure!

  6. That’s really pretty. I also like the fact that you have short nails because I keep them that way too. 🙂

  7. Yay ur back!!! Cool design!! I mssed reading ur blogs. Yours is the only one I have bookmarked on my phone:)

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