Mavala Riga Konad

There’s something about this rose design that made me avoid it. I think it just looked a little cheesy directly from the plate. I was so wrong! This almost works as a full finger plate for me, and it is just super cute on the nail! It reminds me of stained glass!

Mavala Riga with Konad m76 and China Glaze Millennium

Thanks for looking


3 responses to “Mavala Riga Konad

  1. Looks great! It reminds me of stained glass also! ~Patricia

  2. This is gorgeous! The pink base colour is such a pretty pink. I don’t think the rose design looks cheesy at all – I agree it looks super cute =)

    Just want to add I love reading your blog! You have some of the best konad designs!

  3. hello. im very sure that you used the nail design plate to do these patterns on your nails. i would like to know where do i buy those? or do you sell it? please inform me as soon as possible on my email

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