Misa Radiant Konad

By simply looking this design on the m72 plate, I honestly wasn’t very impressed and I keep turning it down for my ‘nads. I finally decided to use it because I figured I would eventually show you guys all the designs on the plates whether I like them or not. This one was actually a very pleasant surprise! It’s way cuter on the nail than on the plate.

Misa Radiant with Konad m72 and Konad Blue Pearl

Thanks for looking!


5 responses to “Misa Radiant Konad

  1. very cute. I love your blog so much & always get excited when you make a new post! 😛

  2. So glad you tried that design out. It looks great. You are right that we look at the designs on the plate and think NAH. Thanks to you I plan on trying this one day. 🙂

  3. Oh, how cute that pattern turned out to be. I haven’t given in to the new plates yet 😦 :O Btw do you know when Oc Nail Art stopped taking codes for 30 % off? I have tried so many different but no code works. I haven’t heard anything anywhere so I’m asking you if you know something? (A) 🙂

  4. those colors are PERFECT together!

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