DrFrankenPolish Soft Violet Konad

Since I got all the new Konad plates from OCNailArt, I figured I would dedicate the next posts to the new plates. That way you can see them in action before you buy them! I have to admit that I really suck at Polka Dots, so I was thankful that Konad made a Polka Dots design! Yay!

DrFrankenPolish Soft Violet with Konad m79

Thanks for looking!


4 responses to “DrFrankenPolish Soft Violet Konad

  1. Nice. That plate is the only one I bought of the new ones but just put another order in the other day and got another. I was going to do the spots but did the splats instead.
    Lovely manicure. Will have to try this one.

  2. I have that plate too, I was afraid it wasn’t going to look so good on my short nails , but it looks gorgeous and save all the time working with the dotting tool ^_^

  3. a verry cute one! i like this pattern very much!

  4. This looks amazing!

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