Barry M Gray Konad

Here’s another ‘nad that I decided to show you in a shiny and a mattified version. It’s really interesting how matted colors pop out in such a different way.

Barry M Gray with Konad m72 with Konad Psyche Pink

… and here is the mattified version:

Barry M Gray with Konad m72 with Konad Psyche Pink with China Glaze Matte Magic

The bottle of Matte Magic is .325oz , which is much smaller than their typical .5oz nail polish. I think I like the Matte Magic better than Essie’s Matte About You for Konad. So far, I have noticed that Matte Magic seems a little more forgiving with the smearing.

Thanks for looking!


7 responses to “Barry M Gray Konad

  1. I like the matte version, it kind of looks like pink paint on a concrete wall.

  2. I prefer the matte version.

  3. I agree, the matte looks best. I love the colour combo!

  4. Love it when you have put matte on ;D

  5. Wow, this one looks quite good on you! Would never have thought of using this colour combo, but you really pull it off!

  6. Love this one. I am dying to get my hands on matt magic! X

  7. China Glaze makes the matte magic bottle smaller, yes, but their “Man” polish is a matte clear coat too. and it’s half an ounce. it works up to costing less ounce per ounce than the Matte Magic and it haaas to be the same thing. i mean, right? why manufacture two different matte polishes? ::shrug:: it’s next on my shopping list.

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