Urban Outfitters Beige 1 Konad

Many people say that ‘nadding is for kids and young people. After doing this ‘nad, I’m thinking that anyone can ‘nad. I chose a super subtle combination because I wanted a really natural look after all the dark colors I used during the holiday season.

Urban Outfitters Beige 1 and CND Blue Ice Shimmer with Konad m71 and Essie Sag Harbor

As you can see, essie Sag Harbor works with ‘nad! Thanks for looking!


2 responses to “Urban Outfitters Beige 1 Konad

  1. actually, i’m afraid the next time someone says some nail polish color or pattern is for a certain kind of people only, i’m gonna punch them in the face – so sick of being told what to wear or not to wear on my nails…

    o.k., rant over, but i really had to get that out of my system 😉

    nice natural, subtle combo, and i really – i mean REALLY – need to get out my konad stuff again!

  2. This is such a pretty and subtle combo! I could probably get away with this at work or something! 😛

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