Look Pretty for a Cause

Giveaway Tuesday this week is not-so-typical. It’ll be more of a PSA (“Giveaway” to a cause this week).

OverallBeauty has a BB Couture set available called Hands of Hope. It’s a 6 polish set and 25% of the sale go towards Women and Children of Haiti. What a better way to look pretty and help a cause? Here is a picture of the set courtesy of OverallBeauty:

  • Tortuga Island – explore the exotic lush green island foliage
  • Kyona Beach – gaze up at the cloudless baby blue sky while sunning on the beach
  • Bassin’s Blue – experience subtle turquoise pools linked by spectacular waterfalls
  • Labadie Beach – delight in the delicate pink hues of the setting sun
  • Cape Haitian – mornings bring a mysterious pale violet haze over the mountains
  • Paradise – savor the natural beauty of Haiti along the endless sandy beige beaches

I will be doing ‘nads with the set as soon as I get them!

Also, I hear that OCNailArt may be doing a Haiti coupon code soon. I will keep you guys posted!

Edit: OCNailArt will contribute 30% of your order to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief if you use code Haiti. You do not get a discount, but it goes towards a cause 🙂


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