New Konad Plates!

One of my friends kindly let me know that there are 9 new Konad plates (m75-m81 and s10) that just came out: they’re posted on the Korean Konad site, I haven’t seen it on though.

  • Two new French Tip designs
  • Three new full finger patterns
  • Four new “regular” designs
  • No awareness ribbon yet 😦

I don’t think they’re available for sale online in the US yet. You can buy them from, but I have no idea how to read Korean so I don’t know if they ship Internationally (I’m not very helpful huh 😦 ).

Here’s a preview of what they came up with this time (courtesy of

I’m digging the French Tip plates and the feather one! Of course, I’ll let you guys know when they’ll be available online in the US!


10 responses to “New Konad Plates!

  1. OOh, I love the M75 and 78, looking forward to see them available at OC Nail art!

  2. M79 and S10 are too cute – I can’t wait to place an order!

  3. Holy hell, I would use the heck out of M79. Polka dots! Whee! And M80 looks like so much fun. I’ll definitely need both of them! Can’t wait for OC Nail Art to carry them… I think she tweeted that she’ll have them soon?

  4. This is awesome!

    m77-m80 is a must!

    They even made those marble-like patterns again, very cool

    Ughh can wait to grab my hands on them

  5. m79!!! CLOUDS!!! So fracking cute. Loves it!

  6. I’m so digging the clouds…m79!!! I’m so friggin’ excited I can’t wait to get them!

  7. Thanks for posting! How exciting!!!!! I need to get M77 and M78. But they are all gorgeous!

  8. In love with these already. I hope we dont wait too long.

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