Nubar Baby Blue Konad

Since winter is officially a few days away, I figured I would celebrate with a snowflake themed ‘nad!

Nubar Baby Blue with CND Crimson Sparkle with Konad m70 and China Glaze Millennium

Thanks for looking!


5 responses to “Nubar Baby Blue Konad

  1. This is so pretty! I love the blue and silver together, it really conjures an icy feel!

  2. I’ve never actually seen this design in action before. Love! And millenium looks fantastic there!

  3. OMG, that looks like a circuit board to me. That is a total nerd manicure and I love it! What is it supposed to be, though? I see the snowflakes on the sides, but what is the thing in the middle?

    • Okay… you just inspired me to do a circuit board Konad because you’re right… it does remind me of it! LOL I might take the snowflakes out for it LOL

  4. Before I looked closely I was totally like ‘where’d she get the awesome motherboard design Konad plate from?’. LOL. Love the blue and silver.

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