CND Sapphire Sparkle Konad

Here is another cool duochrome layering combo: CND Sapphire Sparkle over Savvy Red Caviar! I love seeing the duochrome between purple and blue. CND Sapphire Sparkle is similar to Misa Candy Girl, except the shimmer/glitter is a little smaller than Candy Girl and Candy Girl has a pink tint to it whereas Sapphire Sparkle is an a clear base. I definitely like this one better!

I have been using CND Times Square to silver ‘nadding until now: China Glaze’s Millennium is so much better because the chromey finish pops out the silver more than Times Square did. If you don’t have a silver, I would high recommend that you pick Millennium up!

CND Sapphire Sparkle over Savvy Red Caviar with Konad m64 and China Glaze Millennium

Thanks for looking!


7 responses to “CND Sapphire Sparkle Konad

  1. OMG I love the nail color under the design, but the design is gorgeous too.

  2. This is gorgeous. One of my faves that you’ve posted!

    Do you know if Konad takes any kinds of requests for designs? I wish so much that they would make a full nail design of the leaves french tip from m56.

    • Thanks!

      I think they do, but they need to have enough requests for them to even consider. Depending on which patter you’re talking about, it’s not that hard to make a french tip design into a full design if you “layer” the Konads. Maybe I’ll try that and see how it works out.

  3. wow!! i love this look…

  4. Oh wow, this is just amazingly gorgeous! What colour is the base colour polish?

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