CND Crimson Sparkle Konad

Did I mention I really like the new CND Effects? The “sparkle” series is super cool. I layered Crimson Sparkle over black and you can’t even tell it’s was a black polish before! It’s instant vampy! How cool! I added China Glaze 2030, which is the perfect gold chrome if you’re looking for a gold to ‘nad with 🙂

CND Crimson Sparkle over Milani Black Magic with Konad m63 and China Glaze 2030

Thanks for looking!


4 responses to “CND Crimson Sparkle Konad

  1. This is beautiful! the colours you chose are so elegant together.

  2. Once again another outstandly gorgeous mani.

  3. This looks outstanding!
    Crimson Sparkle is my *favorite* CND Effects, and I just picked up CG 2030 just for stampin’.

  4. That is gorgeous! The Color Effects are really cool, I so need them!

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