MAC Dry Martini Konad

Um… don’t ask me why I bought this color… the girl at the MAC store thought I was crazy to find this a nice color. She’s right: but there’s something about this color that intrigues me. I really like it. I did the so-popular-and-famous Houndstooth on it:

MAC Dry Martini with Konad m63 and Konad Gold Black Pearl

I think that combo turned out pretty cool. Thanks for looking!


3 responses to “MAC Dry Martini Konad

  1. hmm i like it… its different and has personality…lol

    is it a matte?

  2. Dry Martini definetly needs konad on it, I don’t like the color bare really..

    toya: Dry Martini is a creme.

  3. Great combination! The Gold Black Pearl looks really good 🙂

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