Zoya Harley Konad

For some reason I always forget about my grays… They’re so lovely, but they’re in the “unseen” section where I store my polish. Anyway, here’s a classic argyle Konad that everyone seems to love:

Zoya Harley with Konad m60 and Konad Black Pearl

Thanks for looking!


7 responses to “Zoya Harley Konad

  1. I want to get this color. It simple but pretty and looks great with Konad. I don’t have that image plate either! 😦 ENABLER!!! 😛

  2. Gray always looks so pretty against Konad; interesting but not gaudy. I tried to use this pattern, though, and it totally didn’t work! I don’t know what went wrong. So far I do better with the ones with thicker lines.

    • I had issues with this one in the beginning… Try to scrub the plate every time and use a chrome and see if you have any luck with that. It’ll come with practice 🙂

  3. Holy heck on a stick. LOVE!

    I’m a total sucker for grays and blacks. So purty! I might need to get black pearl now, you enabler, you! :0P

  4. I am a sucker for the argyle pattern. Reminds me of a knitted top I had when I was a teenager. Only it was burgundy and grey. Also had matching knee socks. I loved this combination of grey and black. I also wore a burgundy wool skirt to match. I loved that outfit.

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