Flesh Eatin’ Nails Tutorial By Celene

An awesome reader commented about how she loved Celene’s “Flesh Eatin’ Nails” manicure from the Konad Kontest Winners! Since Celene does not have a blog, I got her permission to host this tutorial here. So here is a photo tutorial on how to get the Flesh Eatin’ Nails that Celene rocked:

Flesh Eatin’ Nails Tutorial By Celene

Thanks again Celene for letting me post this here!

Also, don’t forget about the Konad Giveaway hosted by Konaddict! If you guys need a one-stop shop on the Konads that I have done in this blog, you can find it up above on the Photos tab!


5 responses to “Flesh Eatin’ Nails Tutorial By Celene

  1. That’s an amazing and creepy look!

  2. http://paintedtips.blogspot.com/2009/10/hey-nail-fanatics.html
    trying to organize get-together. Want to publicize with me?

  3. Thanks so much to the both of you!! What a wonderful collaboration that came out of this contest.

    Haha I knew there had to be a sponge involved in getting this look after my first disastrous attempt to re-create it. My next attempt should work out much better, thanks again guys 🙂 My halloween just got a lot creepier.

  4. i love this!!! I cannot wait to attempt to recreate this!

  5. wow very nice, thanks

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