Orly Prince Charming Fauxnad

It’s fall is beginning, I think that I’ve been enjoying fall-like colors like brown. However, it seems that the summer barefoot prints have not let go yet 😉

Orly Prince Charming with Fauxnad C03 with Konad Yellow

I think this is one of those designs that Konad should really adopt!

Thanks for looking!


11 responses to “Orly Prince Charming Fauxnad

  1. I like the color combo. Happy Anniversary!

  2. That is such a cute design!

  3. wow!!! this is really great combi plus.. i like the fauxnad u used… i just hope u will show ur fauxnad plate next time… hehehehehe

  4. Like this fauxnad image, fun mani.

  5. nice color combination… brown and yellow really look great! =) nice one..

  6. This is an adorable design. Would be perfect for new Mommies.

  7. this is super cute.. where do you get your fauxnad plate.. i love my konad but they get really expensive to keep buying new ones


  8. hi nessa can i do this design again? with ur permission…=)
    I just love the footprint on it! and the concept you made… tnx…

  9. thank you! ( hugs) here’s the link… if you have time pls visit my site… =)

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