Hard Candy Sweet P Konad

For those of you who didn’t see on The Edge of Sanity, I found some Hard Candy nail polish at my local Walmart! Not sure where this idea came from, but I decided to layer the green glitter over a green chrome. The result is stunning. All y’all should try layering a glitter over a chrome in the same color family: I know I will be doing it more! I added a simple black Funky French on it: no need to cause any automobile collisions due to excessive staring. Sorry this one turned out a little wonky… I hate it when I post messy ‘nads but I’m too lazy to redo 😛

Hard Candy Sweet P over Gosh Metallic Green with Konad m19

So I won’t be updating for a few days because I’ll have shotty Internet access during my little anniversary getaway. This might be a good thing since all y’all need to focus on your Konad Kontest entries 😉 Don’t forget: all entries must be sent to SSSKontestsGivesaways@gmail.com by October 8th! Good luck!

Thanks for looking!


6 responses to “Hard Candy Sweet P Konad

  1. Love that green glitter! I recently did a bad Konad with messy French tip. It was a major fail. Yours is soo much better than mine. And that green is plenty distracting. No worries.

  2. I am really bad at Konad french tips. I like the stripe type designs that you can use as a tip or across at an angle better (like the leopard and lace on on M57) The green is so awesome. I may need to consider looking into those Hard Candy polishes. 🙂

  3. Just gorgeous. I love the green glitter. Good idea about layering over the chrome.

  4. wow how i love green nail polish! so sad we dont have that brand here in the philippines.. 😦

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