Konad Kontest: Don’t Forget to Enter

There hasn’t been that many people entering the Konad Kontest so your chances of winning is pretty big at the moment! Don’t forget to enter: you have a little over one week left to get your entries in. To further inspire us, Jennifer from Konaddict did a couple Halloween designs and I wanted to share it with you. She will have tutorials of the following ‘nads posted on her blog soon! Note that these are not entries: just a talented ‘nadder who decided to share the love with us:

Submit your entries to SSSKontestsGiveaways@gmail.com by October 8th! You have a little over one week left!


4 responses to “Konad Kontest: Don’t Forget to Enter

  1. Can the design be on toes too? My finger nails are all covered but I have this neat layering look on my toes and I’ve been planning on making something scary on them… 😉

  2. Hey thanks for letting me share, just I reminder, I KONADICLONED the base design on the skeleton. I saw a lovely black w/blood tips on a nail blog…regretfully, I cant remember WHO”S. So, if any of you can-send me the link to the talanted designers post.

    Hey, Sassy, just realized the email with the other 2 may not have gone through. Ill resend. Really cutegoofy skeleton, with the OPI glow polish.

  3. Oi.. gostaria de saber se eu posso participar!
    Moro no Brasil!!

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