Nubar Green Tea Fauxnad

Lately I’ve really been liking pastel colors. However, I’m not quite sure whether I like this green. I think it’s starting to grow on me. I picked this ‘nad because that green reminds me of grass.

Nubar Green Tea with Fauxnad C03

Not sure whether I’ll keep this color, but thanks for looking!


4 responses to “Nubar Green Tea Fauxnad

  1. i this color.. but i dont like it when its matted… for it is looks like an acrylic paint… i think this color flattered ur nails… i love it on ur nails…

  2. I love this shade of polish. I think it looks pretty on you. Nothing wrong with it being matted either.

  3. I has this design on a plate as well, does yours have flowers for the first part of the design? I find these kind of plates a little difficult, they’re kinda hard to line up, when you have a 2 or 3 part design. Any tips? Thanks 🙂

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