Halloween Konad Kontest

Well, it’s not necessarily a Konad specific contest… but it is nail art related… so this should open it up to more people! This one is going to be less of a giveaway (where anyone can win) but more of a contest (where you can show your creative side). Sponsored by OCNailArt, the prizes are AWESOME! There will be a total of 8 winners:

Grand Prize (one winner): Konad Coraline (yes, you read correctly) Kit A

Second Prize of dusties (two winners): OPI Glow Out for Halloween Kit (4 OPI Minis: Boo-Berry, Cool Ghoul, Jack’s Back!, Witch Way? and Decals). These are last year’s kit’s from a nail supply store from Sunny Southern California and contains 100% pure Californian dust (on the package, that is).

OPI Glow Out for Halloween Kit

Third Prize of dusties (five winners):

  1. Orly Satin Hues Satin Grace (Gold Matte)
  2. Zoya Gabrielle
  3. Santee Moonlight Glitter
  4. China Glaze L8R G8R
  5. Nabi Green Heart

How to enter:

Do a Halloween-theme mani using nail art. It can be Konad or non-Konad… as long as it has something to do with nail art (e.g., nail striper pens, decals, etc). E-mail entries to SSSKontestsGiveaways@gmail.com. Here is something that may inspire you to get started:

Milani Black Magic, OPI Jack’s Back! with Hot Topic Fauxnad and Konad c03 with China Glaze Wireless Top Coat


  • No purchase necessary, anyone on planet earth can enter (including our friends overseas).
  • One entry per person please.
  • Last day of entries will be October 8th. Judging will occur on October 9th-11th. Winners will be announced on the 12th.
  • Winners will be notified via the e-mail that you e-mailed your entries from. Winners must reply within 48 hours with their mailing address or else they will be disqualified and another winner will be chosen. If you’re on vacation that day that the winners will be announced/notified, then please delegate someone to take care of replying with your mailing address!

Don’t forget about the dusty coupon code from OCNailArt that I mentioned (25% off Konad image plates, and a free dusty with every order) expires on October 1st! Happy Halloween nail arting and good luck!

If you decide to pass on the dusty, you can use my code (sasse) for 30% off! It used to be 20%, but OCNailArt was kind enough to pass more savings on to you!


33 responses to “Halloween Konad Kontest

  1. hi, just wondering, how many entries are you allowed to do? 🙂

  2. Sorry but what do you mean the dusties??? I read your last post and you mentioned it but I don’t know what it means… Is it on OCNailart.com???
    Sorry…. And thank you!!!

    • A dusty is old polish that you find in nail salons that’s been sitting on the shelf for ages. They get dusty, which is where the term “dusties” comes from 🙂 Not all dusties are discontinued, but that’s pretty common.

      OCNailArt does not sell dusties, but it’s just part of the prizes for the contest.

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  4. hey girl
    just wondering.
    is it open to all readers?
    international onces as well?
    im from malaysia. 🙂

  5. OMG Sasse that is a really great giveaway! Kathleen is so great!

    Best of luck to those that enter!

  6. What an awesome contest!! I cannot wait to see what people come up with!

  7. This is my first time trying to enter an international contest
    Sorry, but how did I submit the entry?
    Did I send it to your email?
    Do I have to use spesific subject in it?
    Thank you very much for your attention

    • Simply send an e-mail to that address and attach a photo. If you are chosen as a winner, I will contact you and ask for a mailing address. For the entry, you simply need to attach a photo in the e-mail.

  8. Hey, great contest will participate :). Was trying to buy some stuff off the OCnailart website but could not use your coupon code (sasse) and it said the coupon doesn’t exist… could you put up a updated coupon code. i love the stuff and was trying to order stuff $150 and really want to use the 30% off

  9. Thanx. that helped … wooohooo ordering konad loads of nail polish (20 +)have the first 45 plates already… i tried a little bit and loved it. could u also tell me of other nail polish that i can use and are cheaper to buy…

  10. Great giveaway. I haven’t really entered a contest before, but this one seems really creative (especially since we don’t have Halloween in Romania). Will give it a try for sure!

  11. how about if submit entry in post link? as blogged on blog about it with nail art photo? is that okay?

    • That would be totally fine! Make sure you leave a comment here and let me know that it has been posted on your blog then I will add it 🙂 Have fun!

  12. I need to work on my entry for this tomorrow. I have an idea floating in my head!!!

  13. thanks will post it at blog once I got it done 🙂

  14. Hi!
    I just wanted to say that this is a very nice contest!!!
    I wanted to ask you what nail supply is where you got the OPI
    dusties?? They are really cool and i wanted to check them out…
    Thank you!!!

  15. Cool contest. Too bad I don’t have any halloween-y plates but I’ll try to come up with something anyway.

    Thanks for the 30% off too. I’ll be ordering a bunch once I save up.

  16. hi this will be advance halloween gift… im so excited to submit my entry…
    ty very much….
    anyway just wanna ask how to follow your blog i dont have twitter account…=)

    • Do you have google reader? You can add that as a subscription. Just put the full blog address when you subscribe and it should work!

  17. I am unable to find the decay for this contest so I blogged to inform friends

  18. blogged inform my readers

  19. OH NO i just missed out 😦

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  21. Awesome, I finally discovered a blog about this! I was daydreaming about it yesterday (well technically night time dreaming because it was night time lol) and now I discover this post. Coincidence alright. Might be checking back again!

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