Breast Cancer Awareness Konad

Yesterday I went to the Portland Susan G Komen Race for the Cure event and ran the 5k (I think I did it in 32 minutes… I’m not a runner). Anyway, for the Konad, I decided to use a bow with a Funky French; I really would like Konad to come out with an awareness ribbon(s) plate! The bow was the “closest” I can find.

China Glaze Second Hand Silk with Misa Lolli Jolly with Konad m56

Thanks for looking!


11 responses to “Breast Cancer Awareness Konad

  1. Awww thats really cute! 🙂 I like the pink and white. I am not very good at stamping the French designs. I think I need more practice LOL.

  2. That awareness ribbon is coming, really!!!! I asked Esther about it (at Konad USA) this mornng and she said she completed the first round of designs and submitted them to “corporate” in Korea…. this isn’t a fast process by any means, but it’s moving!!! I saw some of the preliminary designs and they’re AWESOME. Esther is very artistic!!!

  3. And by the way – you did a beautiful job with the mani you posted. I love it!

  4. Love your manicure. Very pretty and love the Konad.

  5. Super cute! My current konadicure has the same bows too 🙂

  6. That’s a cute manicure and congrats on the race! such a good cause 🙂

  7. how funny is that Kathleen?! we were litterally jast talking about that! IIIIII cant wait!

  8. Hey! We both live right near each other (crazy, right) and I was wondering if you know any other bloggers in the area, we could all get together in real life (but then I’d feel really young and that’s never fun!). Portland area, right?

    • Yep Portland, and I don’t know whether there are any bloggers a round here other than us. Something worth looking into!

  9. Huh, we should find out!

  10. That is so pretty. I did something similar for our Weekend to End Breast Cancer here in Vancouver.

    Kathleen, SO thrilled to hear that Esther has completed the beginning of the process. Please let us know as soon as you have them available.

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