Coupon Code Alert: For lovers of HTFs and Dusties

For those of you that like the old non-Big 3 free formulas from back in the day, check out OCNailArt’s new code: Dusty! In addition to 25% off Konad plates, you will get a dusty of some sort! You never know what you’re going to get with your Konad order so check it out! Hurry and get it while the good dusties are still around… the coupon code expires on October 1st! As always, they ship free worldwide with purchases over $20.

Along the lines of dusty, old, creepy, etc… I’m going to give you a sneak peek of my Halloween Giveaway courtesy of Kathleen at OCNailArt. I will get pictures posted soon, but it will involve dusties and OPI Halloween items! Make sure you check it out!


4 responses to “Coupon Code Alert: For lovers of HTFs and Dusties

  1. can’t wait to see the pics of the halloween items.

  2. I feel stupid asking this, but I’m dying to know. What is a “dusty”?

    • Dusty are old polish that you find in nail salons that’s been sitting on the shelf for ages. They get dusty, which is where the term “dusties” comes from 🙂 Not all dusties are discontinued, but that’s pretty common.

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