Tipsy Tuesday Review: Revlon Runway Nails

Reviewing this is more for the nail art/Funky French aspect of the nails than the actual press-ons themselves. I have used the Broadway press-on nails before and used another glue (a brush on nail glue from Sally Beauty Supply). However, I’ll be totally fair with this review and not “cheat” and use external sources. In the past, I have used Broadway Nails with the glue from Sally Beauty. Note that I am a beginner at this. Based on that as a comparison, here are my findings:

Revlon Runway Collection 91097 Stella

Design: The Runway Nails concept are pretty cool: press-on real looking nails with the ‘nad design built in! How cool is that?

Sizing: My fingers are pretty small and they had a size for me. They have plenty of spares just in case you need an extra for some reason. The length was just right for me (for press-ons). It didn’t look to obnoxious at all!

Gluing: With the glue that came with the Runway Nails, I had a very hard time getting the air bubbles to go. As you can see in the photo, all but one finger had air bubbles in it. I would prefer a brush on glue next time I use this again.

Removal: This was a pain. I soaked my fingers in pure actone (my poor fingertips hated me) for about 5 minutes and rubbed off. After a nice scrubbin’, the glue “chunks” were still on my nail. I could’ve filed it off, but I hate the concept of that. So I just lived with the little chunk pieces for a few more manis and they eventually went away.

Conclusion: I really love the way these look but there are 2 things I can’t stand about them: The air bubbles from the glue (which did not happen when I used a brush on nail glue) and the removal (not sure if this is glue-related, but I also have no had so much trouble in the past). I would recommend these if you wanted a quick and dirty on press-ons, but be sure to use a different glue and you’ll be all good. For the price ($6-7 at your local drugstore), it totally beats salon acrylics if applied with caution.

Rating 4 out of 5:


One response to “Tipsy Tuesday Review: Revlon Runway Nails

  1. Love the design and they do look pretty on you. Maybe you used too much glue. I’ve read that you should’nt follow the instructions with the glue. Maybe you can try with less.

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