Clarins 230 Konad

Sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming… A lovely Floridian friend of mine somehow got a hold of a bottle of Clarins 230! I was so shocked when I got it in the mail I seriously thought I was dreaming and wanted to pinch myself. Of course, I added the best of all worlds: 230, Green, and Konad.

Look how beautiful it is!!!

Added the ‘nad: Clarins 230 over Barry M Racing Green with Konad m51 and CND Times Square

Thanks for looking!


4 responses to “Clarins 230 Konad

  1. That’s absolutely stunning! Clarins 230 is a wonder!

  2. Clarins 230 is really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this lovely Konadicure!!

  3. Very pretty! I’ve never used this brand of polish. Love the color and the pattern.

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