Tipsy Tuesday: Reader Requests

Hey guys!

If there is absolutely anything you can think of to ask regarding ‘nadding, let me know! I’m running out of Tipsy Tuesday ideas and so maybe you guys can help!


13 responses to “Tipsy Tuesday: Reader Requests

  1. Mine is more an observation because I feel like a poser today (with great nails LOL) … I have the Coraline 1 kit and I’m wearing one of the little Coralines from the C01 plate. The thing is, I feel like a fake. I’ve never seen Coraline! Have you seen the movie?!

  2. I have a question!!!

    I have had my Konad set since Christmas, and just recently, like the last month or so, I have had terrible time with getting the image to transfer. It picks up on the stamper just fine, but almost wants to stick to the stamper and not go on my nail. I always work SUPER fast and haven’t had this trouble til about a month ago. I have scrubbed my stamper and my plate (there are several plates that are doing this) with acetone, but that didn’t help. and it’s happened to plates that didn’t used to cause trouble, so I have no clue. and with a variety of polish, from Konad special polish to chromes that aren’t Konad brand.


    • Hi Christy, Have you tired to gently file your stamper? That seemed to have helped me when I had issues like that. Cheers, -Elma

  3. Maybe you can give tips on how to nad things other than the nail(cell phone, keys, ect…)

  4. That is one of my favorite stamps for Konad. I just wish they made one that was straight too.

  5. Perhaps you should do some sponged nails (different gradients) and then a neat ‘nad on top?

  6. hey sasse,

    for your tuesday nails, maybe you could do nad swatches of similar (non-konad) polishes so your readers can see which purples are the best to work with, which blues, which greens, etc?


  7. Maybe you can give some tips on patching a design? Like when you put it on and part of it doesn’t transfer..what do you do if its lines? I have trouble with that..I can patch most of them just fine, but with ones with lines, I’m not sure how exactly to line them up so they’re even. If you had any tips for that, I’d appreciate it 😀

  8. Could you give tips on how to apply a french manicure evenly? Mine never are all straight!

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