China Glaze Chiaroscuro Fauxnad

The corset ‘nad has been floating around the blog world for a while. There’s a faux version of it too!

China Glaze Chiaroscuro with Fauxnad c07

This fauxnad pattern was a little disappointing because I couldn’t get it on straight (it seemed like the pattern was crooked or something). While I wasn’t too happy about this ‘nad, I figured I’d show it to you for educational purposes.

Thanks for looking!


3 responses to “China Glaze Chiaroscuro Fauxnad

  1. Until I read your text, I thought the placement was purposeful. I think the slight variance adds visual interest.

  2. I agree with paintedladyfingers, I thought you did that on purpose and I liked the flair! It looks great on your nails!

  3. That’s one of my favorite patterns. Looks cute a little off. Just like a real corset might be a little crooked on someone. I love the combination of pink and black.

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