Essie St. Martini Mint Konad

I got St. Martini Mint from a swap and at first had a hard time ‘nadding on it. The key is to to not use bright colors, but instead use vibrant colors. The purple even made it look a little higher-green.

Essie St. Martini Mint with Konad m73 and Sally Hansen Chrome Royal Purple

Thanks for looking!


6 responses to “Essie St. Martini Mint Konad

  1. This is very cool! I seem to have a little trouble getting the all-over-nail Konad designs on the stamp. Any tips?!

  2. HOLY CRAP…this is AWESOME!

  3. ooh, Martini Mint!! Love this 🙂

  4. This is really pretty. I love this pattern and the combination of colors.

  5. Greens and purples are opposites on the color wheel, which is why a combination of both really “pops”. The same is true of any pair of opposites on the color wheel, so it’s a great guide when you’re choosing colors to combine or ‘Nad!! If you’re new to color theory and want to maximize your use of color, you can find a good basic primer about color here:

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