Sasse’s First Matte ‘Nad

Since this came out in the beginning of the month, I have been looking forward to this ‘nad! I just got this in the mail today so I was very exctied to do a cool ‘nad with it!

Misa Dirty Sexy Money with Konad m73 and Konad Psyche Pink and essie Matte About You

Tip of the day: If you’re useing essie’s Matte About You with ‘nadding, make sure you go over the nail once and go over faster than normal topcoat. As you can see from my photo, there were a slight smudge on a couple of the nails. Make sure you go fast and don’t go over your ‘nad design twice!


18 responses to “Sasse’s First Matte ‘Nad

  1. I like it! DSM looks so cool matted. I too had smearing issues, but way worse than yours! I’ll try it your way, I don’t think I applied the top matte coat very fast. So instead I Konadded (is that a word?) my design using matte polish as my stamping color over a gloss base color.

  2. Nice! I just did a matte konad too. Unfortunatly with two kids to take care of a top coat is very much needed for me. 😦 The polish just flaked right off the same night. Sadness.
    Anyhoo, yours looks great thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks so nice I cant wait to get my hands on Essie Matter about You topcoat aso I can try this!

  4. oh, beautiful! 🙂 I just ordered my first konad-kit from OC Nail Art and can’t wait for it to get here! (I live in Sweden so it will take 1-2 weeks)

  5. My god. Resulted a realy cool efect!
    Looks like a vintage carpet!

  6. This is a) very cool matte and b) a very cool color combo! I love it! I am going to have to try this as I get more Konad experience!!!

  7. I haven’t tried a matte Konad yet. It’s a whole new frontier! I love how Dirty Sexy Money looks matte. The delicate pattern stamped in pink and made matte is a new take on a pretty, feminine look. Gives it a bit of edge.

  8. WOW!
    A matte konad…how neat! I love it!

  9. Love this matted! Looks really cool.

  10. This looks great!!!
    Where did you get the matte top coat?
    In what store?
    Thank you!!!

    • I got the matte top coat on eBay. Search for “Matte About You” on eBay and you should find some decent deals. You can always get it from too!

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