Gosh Metallic Green Konad

Besides nails and random beauty stuff, I also really enjoy cycling. Last weekend, I went to an annual event where you can ride across 10 bridges in Portland. My road bike was very hard to find because of my height, so I was very glad when I found my bike a few years ago (photo courtesy of Bikepedia):

So I figured a matching Konad mani would be appropriate for the 38 mile ride:

Gosh Metallic Green and Misa Sugar Daddy with Konad m19

Thanks for looking!


2 responses to “Gosh Metallic Green Konad

  1. Really 38 miles? God bless you and hope you enjoyed your ride. I haven’t been on a bike for many years. Hope the weather wasn’t too warm for you. I like the manicure. Very pretty.

  2. Could it be you live in Ptown!? I happen to live in Vancouver right across the bridge if this is the case 😉

    I love your blog! I just started ‘nadding and like all the pics to get ideas on how I want to do my nails next!

    PS My bike was hard to find too, considering I’m 4’10” tall…

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