Tipsy Tuesday: One or Two-Sided Stamper

Again, another great ‘nad debate: one or two-sided stamper? While lots like the original one-sided stamper due to its short stubiness which makes it easier to control, there are some good things about the two-sided stamp that you might not know about. First of all, here is how the one-sided and the two sided stamper look like (not to scale, please laugh at my Photoshopping skills):

What will it be: One or Two Sided?

I personally use the two-sided stamp because I like the long handle: I get a better grip and the divots on the sides is a good guideline when I do full patterns so they stay straight. When I use hot pink ‘nad polish, it’s hard to see with the red side of the stamp. Sometimes it’s nice to have the small green side for those colors.

Conclusion: When it comes down to it, they do the same thing. If you have a one-sided stamper and want to “upgrade” to a tw0-sided, don’t bother. If you have a two-sided and you want to try a one-sided, maybe you can if you want a lower center of gravity for your ‘nadding accuracy. I think they’re equally effective.


6 responses to “Tipsy Tuesday: One or Two-Sided Stamper

  1. I think soon they come up with three side.

  2. i must admit that the original or should i say old stamper is much more adorable.

    however, i heard that the double stamper was created for a purpose.
    with a smaller stamper, you get more control on where to place smaller images.
    it helps alot when you are combining many small images on one nail
    the larger one is great for of course larger images such as the full nail ones on my M57.

    nevertheless, i bought the old stamper already plus its cheaper and more adorable so i guess i’ll live with it 🙂

  3. LyNn took the words right out of my mouth…
    Those tiny images are infinitely easier to place, and position precisely, with the smaller stamp head.
    (Especially when you are trying to match up a french tip pattern that doesn’t cover the entire tip in one fell swoop.)
    I have several one-siders, only one two-sider, and I always reach for the two-sider.
    To each her own…=]

  4. Thanks for addressing this, Sasse! I am thinking about buying my first Konad set, and was wondering which stamper to get. Definitely leaning two-sided now, for the precision of the smaller head and the easy-to-line-up divets.

  5. I love the double-sided stamper. I have both and the double-sided is much more convenient

  6. I haven’t tried the two sided stamper yet. Right now I love the Coraline stamper! You’re right about pink being hard to see on the stamp. A double sided stamper will definitely be a future purchase!

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