NYC Molten Metal Konad

It’s the season for country fairs and state fairs all over the country! To celebrate, I made sure that our farmhouse friends where part of today’s post.

NYC Molten Meltal with Konad m61

Tip of the day: I kind of had a tough time with this cow print plate. It would appear that 1/2 of the layer of polish transferred. To fix that, I made sure that the plate was cleaned every time after a stamping (sometimes I would get lazy and not clean every time). If that doesn’t work, add another layer over and be very careful whe aligning the patter over the previous stamp.

Thanks for looking!


4 responses to “NYC Molten Metal Konad

  1. I just found your blog and I like it!

    I’m ordering a few Konad plates tonight and your pictures really helped me narrow it down, so thank you. I found you through Google, though I think I should tell you that you’d rank much higher under searches if you typed “Konad” instead of “‘nad.” Just friendly advice from another blogger and frequent Google searcher. 😉

  2. What a fitting and cute design for this time of year! Our county fair starts next week and I have loved going since I was a kid. MM is such a unique color, one of my favorites. Just followed you on Twitter…not sure what I’m doing exactly, but I’m learning 🙂

  3. so pretty! good job.

  4. I wore Molten Metal recently with Konad accents. I am doing a giveaway of it too! The cow design with Molten Metal is a fun approach. Glittery cows! Love it. 🙂

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